What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer/3.1 Mother Board Wins COMPUTEX d&i award 2015

Every year, the largest IT trade fair in Asia – COMPUTEX TAIPEI takes place in Taiwan's capital. The exhibition includes heaps of new gadgets and innovative designs, however only the best of the best will be awarded with the COMPUTEX d&i award. This year, ASRock has outdone their selves again and won a COMPUTEX d&i award 2015 in the gaming hardware category with Fatal1ty X99X Killer/3.1 motherboard!
ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer/3.1 is an upgraded model of ASRock's former most recommended gaming board. As its name suggests, it adopts a Killer LAN chip which automatically detects and accelerates game traffic ahead of other network traffic. But the real difference is that X99X Killer/3.1 is powered by a new X Series OC Socket that unlocks the hidden performance of LGA 2011-3 CPUs. And it also comes with both Type-A and Type-C USB 3.1 ports that not only grants 10Gb/s data rates, but the Type-C port also boasts 3.0 ampere fast charging, the capability of withstanding over 10000 plug and removals, and a reversible design so that connectors may fit either way.
COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 will be held at 4F, Nangang Hall from June 2nd till June 6th. Come hang around with us at ASRock's booth at No. L0317a to witness the computing power of Fatal1ty X99X Killer/3.1 along with more of our top secret next generation products.

Cyberoam Launches New CR10wiNG Wireless Security Appliances

Cyberoam, a leading global provider of network security appliances, has launched CR10wiNG, the “fastest and most affordable UTM appliance” with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for the SOHO/ROBO markets. The CR10wiNG wireless appliance supports 802.11 n/b/g standards and up to eight virtual access points. It delivers UTM security features over WLAN to offer enterprise-level security and meet the requirement of mobility in this segment. Cyberoam CR10wiNG offers high performance with firewall throughput of 400Mbps and UTM throughput of 60Mbps.
The wireless networks in organizations face huge risk of information theft due to their inability to trace users, especially guest users, within the network. Additionally, lack of IT security staff and budgetary constraints make it difficult for the SOHO/ROBO segment to find security solutions that are adequate, cost-effective and easy to manage. Also, organizations with distributed networks, remote and branch offices, especially in sectors like retail stores, logistics and transportation, and Utility distribution centers, demand mobility within the network and need network security, secure remote access, and secure Wi-Fi for walk-in customers.
CR10wiNG, based on Cyberoam’s patented Layer 8 technology, allows administrators to apply User identity-based security policies to gain visibility over user activity and also manage Guest Internet access in the network. CR10wiNG supports multiple virtual access points that create independent, segregated networks in the same physical area for separate teams like sales, marketing, guest users, and more. This offers secure authentication and prevents rogue clients from connecting to networks where they don’t belong.
“CR10wiNG is designed for small and branch offices to offer secure Wi-Fi at par with wired security. It enables a leaner Wi-Fi security infrastructure to organizations by replacing both Wi-Fi router and firewall with a single appliance. For remote offices with limited connectivity options, CR10wiNG also offers 3G
Cyberoam CR10wiNG is built on the same CyberoamOS that powers other high-end NG series UTM appliances. It is centrally manageable via Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) and Cyberoam’s on-Cloud Management Service and is compatible with iView – Cyberoam’s Open Source logging and reporting solution.

PNY Ready to Impress visitors at Computex 2015

PNY Announce its participation in the grand Computex Taipei 2015.  PNY promises to enthral its visitors with its special selection of Type-C USB flash drives, upgraded SSDs, and brand new OTG drives to be displayed at the exhibition. The Computex 2015 is the largest ICT trade show in Asia and the second largest in the world. Major international IT brands participate to showcase their latest gadgets and products. The event
attracts over 130,000 visitors, including 38,000 international visitors every year. Marking its 35th edition in 2015, the Computex Taipei expo will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 2nd to June 6th, 2015. The grand event will feature 1,700+ exhibitors participating in the world’s second largest computer exhibition with over 5,000+ booths for visitors to interact and enjoy the exciting and creative displays.
PNY will debut its new line of upgraded SSD drives, OTG flash drives and will reveal a new product for the exhibition-the Type-C pen drive-UC101.
PNY has selected a special range of products as;
Type-C pen drive-UC101- The UC101 is a Type-C USB 3.0 powered flash drive that offers SuperSpeed+ performance to transfer of files and documents. Type-C is enhanced with its reversible plug, to make users plug into USB ports with either side which is time-saving. Shaped like a pen, the drive is light and compact and can be carried around with its clip on cap that can be attached to shirt pockets or folders.
PNY will also reveal their special range of OTGs, like the OU5/OU6. The OU6 features USB 3.0 and stores up to 64 GB of memory space with its gorgeous golden metallic ring-shaped housing. Both the OTG drives support Android OS 4.0 or later. The thumb-sized OU5 OTG drive features a swivel cap design that protects files from dust and scratches. They connect to your Android mobile device via the built-in micro-USB connector to quickly and easily transfer files. The standard USB connector on the other side of the flash drive plugs directly into the USB port on any USB 2.0 PC or laptop.
PNY has produced an impressive line-up of SSDs, models CS1111/CS2111/CL4111. These next generation drives are targeted for gaming platforms and PC enthusiasts or for personal computer uses. The CS2111 features 2.5-inch SATA (6 Gb/s) with up to 960 GB memory, and exceptional performance offering up to 560MB/s seq. read, 455MB/s seq. write speeds, and up to 71,000 IOPS Random Read. The CL4111 SSD is your best choice for easy deployment and secure manageability in client IT environments helping to lower total cost of ownership. The CS1111 is an entry-level SSD designed for an easy and cost-effective HDD replacement in the existing PC system to help realize faster boot times, quicker application launches and better overall system storage.
PNY Hook Attaché - The enormous 128 GB capacity makes it simple to transport all of your digital stuff. Available in capacities up to 128GB, students with loads of assignments and study materials required can store all their files and may never have to worry about running out of memory space. The PNY Hook Attaché has a high-quality silver finish with a sleek streamlined appearance.

PNY Technologies will showcase their highlighted products in their special Provence themed booth designed to display their creativity and aesthetic design to the attendees. The Provence theme is inspired from the peaceful and tranquil streets of Europe and will feature structures resembling cottage houses and small inns.
Visitors can visit Booth#-J0210 at Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F to view the latest products and also experience the beauty and quaint atmosphere of the booth.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sony launches two medium-range Xperia smartphones

Sony Electronics on Tuesday launched two medium-range smartphones in the Indian market, the C4 dual and the Aqua M4, to expand its Xperia range in the country.
The Xperia Aqua M4 will be available from Tuesday for Rs.24,990 and the C4 Dual will be available from mid-June. Sony didn’t disclose the price of the “C” series variant.
The new devices were showcased in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year nad have nearly the same specifications. While the Aqua M4 is the first complete water-proof smartphone in the mid-range segment, the C4 boasts of having more camera modes that the rivals.
“We are looking to reach the top in this price segment with our new releases and in the future Sony will release many more products,” Mukesh Srivastava, head at product marketing (Xperia devices), said during the launch.

GIGABYTE set to Transform PC user Experience with BRIX Ultra Compact PC Kit

The GIGABYTE BRIX, an ultra-compact and versatile DIY PC kit, is now available in India. This unique form factor has managed to set a new standard for desktop PC miniaturization that makes it perfect as a discreet HTPC (Home Theatre PC) or multimedia hub, an ultra-low power PC for the family, or even an office PC.
The BRIX is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, but in spite of its small size, it ensures a desirable combination of optimal CPU and GPU performance, peripheral connectivity options, power consumption, and of course, price. The BRIX DIY PC kit come with a pre-installed Wi-Fi Mini PCIe module, a power adapter and cable which comply with local standards. From there, the user has the liberty to configure his system to his specific need by selecting his preferred system memory and digital storage option.
Commenting on the market potential of the BRIX, Sunil Grewal, Director – Sales and MarCom, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., said, “At a time when the HTPC concept is gaining fast popularity in India, the GIGABYTE BRIX comes as an attractive solution especially because it optimizes power consumption, while offering a lot of processing power and connectivity in a form factor that is small enough to be placed anywhere – whether on your desk or even within you home entertainment setup.”
Dual Display
The BRIX models available in India support dual display functionality. While the Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processor based models support dual display through HDMI plus Mini Display Port Outputs, the Intel Celeron processor based models do so via a VGA and an HDMI port.
This makes it a very effective PC for home and office usage, or in any quantum of commercial and industrial multi-display applications.
Intel HD Graphics
Equipped with the Intel® HD 5500 graphics, the Core™ i3 and i5 version of the BRIX system promises to deliver up to 20% more pixel-pushing performance than the previous generation. And with support for 4K Ultra HD video playback, this gives the user the power needed to enjoy more responsive videos and games in ultra-high resolutions.
The BRIX also include a mounting bracket that allows you to easily mount it behind an HDTV or monitor, so that it remains hidden away. This allows an effortless and stylish way to turn any VESA-compliant display or TV into a full-fledged PC or digital signage system.

Team Group Celebrates its 18th Anniversary at Computex 2015

2015 is the 18th anniversary of the establishment of the world’s leading memory brand, Team Group. At the Computex Taipei during June 2nd-June 5th.2015, Team Group will display the world’s first and the best mobile device storage, the exclusive 18th anniversary edition and the awesome luminous memory for the first time. By doing so, Team Group will show global consumers our ability of pushing the limits, leading the future and reaching new peak of success. Every new product represents the combination of Team Group’s advanced technological strength and wisdom. We sincerely invite you to visit our stand (I0507) at the first floor of Nangang Hall to experience latest overclocking memory modules and smart mobile lifestyle.
The Team M152 smart flash drive is carefully designed with innovative thinking. It’s not just a USB flash drive, but also has functions of OTG, internet sharing and smartphone screen mirroring. Through the combination of hardware and software, M152 enables users to instantly share files from computers and smartphones through local area network. M152’s built in app can mirror screens from smartphones including Android mobile devices to the desktop of computers. This provides a simple and convenient solution to app developers or users who wish to share multimedia files on their smartphones to family and friends instantly. In addition to the functions of wireless file transferring and the screen mirroring, it is also a smart mobile device that support OTG function. Giving users more ways to enjoy their lives, M152’s multitasking application will definitely shine internationally at the exhibition.

GIGABYTE set to Transform PC user Experience with BRIX Ultra Compact PC Kit

The GIGABYTE BRIX, an ultra-compact and versatile DIY PC kit, is now available in India. This unique form factor has managed to set a new standard for desktop PC miniaturization that makes it perfect as a discreet HTPC (Home Theatre PC) or multimedia hub, an ultra-low power PC for the family, or even an office PC.
The BRIX is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, but in spite of its small size, it ensures a desirable combination of optimal CPU and GPU performance, peripheral connectivity options, power consumption, and of course, price. The BRIX DIY PC kit come with a pre-installed Wi-Fi Mini PCIe module, a power adapter and cable which comply with local standards. From there, the user has the liberty to configure his system to his specific need by selecting his preferred system memory and digital storage option.
Commenting on the market potential of the BRIX, Sunil Grewal, Director – Sales and MarCom, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., said, “At a time when the HTPC concept is gaining fast popularity in India, the GIGABYTE BRIX comes as an attractive solution especially because it optimizes power consumption, while offering a lot of processing power and connectivity in a form factor that is small enough to be placed anywhere – whether on your desk or even within you home entertainment setup.”

ASRock Rack Presents High Performance Server Board EP2C612D24

ASrock Rack introduces the latest high performance server board EP2C612D24. Earlier ago, ASRock Rack has showcased the board at CeBIT 2015, it is a very high-end solution for intensive compute tasks, big data analysis, Hadoop and cloud computing.
As how it calls, EP2C612D24 features Intel Xeon E5 v3 processors with dual sockets. The memory frequency is fantastic as it supports twenty four DDR4 DIMM slots. Moreover, the specification is perfect as it contains ten SATA 3 ports, three PCIe3.0×8 and one ultra M.2 slot, eight times of SSD acceleration. Top off with quad Intel server LAN and dedicated IPMI, the possibility for bandwidth is remarkable. All in all, this high-specification server board converge the latest technology to meet the best satisfaction for various complicated environments such as mission critical, database, Hadoop server, and virtualization.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Blaster Headphone: Simple looks, but sound companion

Creative Technology on Monday announced the launch of Ultra-Light Sound Blaster JAM, a Bluetooth headset which aims to compete with the already heated up sub-Rs.4,000 headphones segment.
This particular segment assumes significance as there has been a continuous demand for sturdy and bass-kicking headphones at an affordable price. The JAM enters the market with a price tag of Rs.3,499 and here is our evaluation of the new headphone:
Design: The device looks like any other normal over-the-head Bluetooth headphone. It comes with extendable flaps that helps the user adjust the headphones over his or her head and rather feels comfortable on the ear owing to the ear cushions.
The headphones sports a dedicated bass button and volume rocker controls on the right flap. The circle on the right flap acts as the start or the stop button while playing music and doubles up as a button for accepting or rejecting calls on the go. A dedicated button for changing music would have been an icing on the cake.
Audio and Connectivity: This headphone is seriously loud and has a great bass effect although the headphones seemed to miss a few lower notes at the bass mode. The Sound Blaster JAM supports Bluetooth 4.1 audio streaming allowing users to communicate and stream audio content from their mobile device.
It features Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless connectivity for one-touch pairing. Creative boasts of Neodymium drivers that has the effect of bringing the audio alive. The device has a built-in microphone with noise reduction and acoustic echo cancellation abilities that allows the user to enjoy voice clarity during calls too.
Special Mode and Battery: The headphone is loud enough but once connected to a PC it goes to extra loud mode. Sound BlasterÂ’s SBX Pro Studio comprises a suite of audio technologies, such as Surround, Crystalizer, Bass, Smart Volume and Dialog Plus, giving users the ability to fully customize every aspect of the headphones’ audio settings.
SBX Surround increases and expands the virtual surround spaciousness, allowing users to enjoy realistic surround sound when watching movies or playing games while SBX Crystalizer restores details and expands the dynamic range of audio. The headphone has great battery backup and can run up to 10-12 hours on a single charge.
Pricing and Availability: The Creative Sound Blaster JAM Bluetooth headset, priced at Rs 3,499 will be available in India from end of May 2015 onwards. The product will be available for purchase online on Amazon India, Flipkart and Snapdeal.
Verdict: Although the device will face stiff competition in its segment, our verdict is that the JAM is a perfect sound companion which will let users enjoy hands-free voice communication, music playback, watching movies and mobile gaming on the go for a fairly reasonable price.

At the recent Intel’s Distributor Leader Summit held in Macau, Rashi Peripherals won the “Top Distributor Award” in the desktop CPU category, for emerging markets category; in Asia Pacific and the Japanese Region.
The award is purely a reflection of Rashi’s strength and efforts put in for sustaining the DIY market and strengthening the tier-3 and tier-4 markets. It is the result of efficient delivery and team work from Rashi.
“Glad to see the first recognition from Intel with whom we have been associated since August 2013, and this award only encourages our team to do more. Despite the challenging DIY market sentiments, we have been able to deliver this award is a testament of our passion towards Intel’s business. We look forward to many more milestones with Intel in near future, said Rajesh Goenka, VP for Sales and Marketing, at Rashi Peripherals

Thursday, May 21, 2015

iBall Slide in collaboration with Intel® and Microsoft unveils the World’s MOST Economical Windows Tablet… ever!

iBall, the brand known for its innovative and latest technology products, very recently ranked no.1 in Tablet Market in India, yet again takes the market by storm with its latest innovation, being the World’s most economical Windows Tablet packed under Rs. 5K Price. Launched in association with Intel and Microsoft, iBall Slide i701, at an unbelievable price of INR 4,999/-  promises to astonish its users with superior performance and manifold features.Sleek and lightweight, yet incredibly powerful with standout entertainment, smart productivity features, and also combined with multiple freebies for the user, iBall Slide i701 delivers all the portable terrific performance you need for an entertaining and busy lifestyle.Running on Windows 8.1 operating system and powerful Intel® processor, iBall Slide i701 comes with an array of upgrades for enhancements, which incorporates Windows 8.1 (freely upgradeable to Windows 10 when launched) and also several ‘free licenses’, including a 1 year MS Office 365, 1TB of free OneDrive cloud storage and access to all the popular apps on the Windows Store.

iBall Slide i701 features a 7-inch HD IPS display, and is powered by quad-core Intel Atom processor  with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM and  16GB of built-in storage that is  expandable with  micro SD card (up to 32 GB). It also features a 2MP rear camera with flash, and a VGA front. It has big 3200mAh battery that offers reasonable usage, making it the perfect travel device to play games & have fun.
Making the connectivity simpler to other devices is the HDMI port which allows the consumer to connect the Tablet to PC, Projector or even TV for the larger viewing experience. It also supports USB on-the-go, Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, 3G on Dongle.
Swaying towards iBall Slide i701 is the best package of the perks which includes Signature Collection by iBall brand endorsor Kareena Kapoor, her autograph in the back cover, Free HDMI Cable worth Rs. 699/- and also three interchangeable vibrant protective covers worth Rs 599 to boost your enriching experience.
Even at this appealing price of Rs 4,999, the user has the additional benefit of freebies worth Rs 1,199/- giving humongous value to the users.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sandeep Parasrampuria, Director iBall says, “We are extremely elated to announce our latest Tablet iBall Slide i701 with the Industry giants Intel and Microsoft. It’s the World’s most economical Windows Tablet ever with price tag of Rs 4,999/- only. We are sure every customer will be delighted with this offering!”
Speaking on the occasion, Rajiv Ahlawat, Devices Lead, Microsoft India said, “We are pleased to partner with iBall for the launch of the most affordable Windows tablet till date. Increasingly users want devices that are lightweight, affordable and easy to use while on-the-go, with no compromise in experience. The Tablet iBall Slide i701 allows multiple user accounts and comes with in-built anti-virus software. With this, we are literally re-imagining the personal computing segment and expect that consumer will find value in this product.”
“We would like to congratulate iBall on the launch of its latest Intel® Processor powered tablet. This tablet will offer consumers the optimal balance of performance, mobility and battery life along with a great value for money proposition” said Amit Gupta, Director Business Development, Intel South Asia.
The trailblazer iBall Slide i701 delivers a vision of performance and features making it the most desirable Tablet to buy under Rs 5k. iBall Slide i701 shall be available across leading retail stores and leading e-commerce portals from  20th May 2015.

ViewPaker PC Manufacturer From China, Arrives In India

ViewPaker  PC Manufacturer From China, Arrives In India ViewPaker co., one of the most prominent hi-tech IT enterprises from Shenzhen, China, announces their entry in the Indian IT space. The company is an expert in advanced quality customization of All-in-One PCs, and has made significant contributions to the designing of all-in-one computers in the international market, since 2000.
ViewPaker’s strength lies in its manufacturing of monitors and DIY all-in-one (AIO) PCs. The company has achieved international recognitions with its state of the art integrated designs, R&D, production and sales of these solutions. The company offers original and comprehensive Barebone with its own brands ViewPaker & DQ
The local operation of the company will be managed by the Ex-AOC management team
Shalini Pandey takes over as the Director of the India operations of ViewPaker. While Mukesh Gupta will be the MD of the company and marketing part of the business will be handled by Tapasaya Ohri.
The product category is created in such a manner that it will suit any segment for defined users, personal or professional. The company also launched their introductory MG Series. This product line comes with a customization option, which lets the users to choose their own motherboard and equip it with standard Micro ATX power supplies. MG series is available in 3 different sizes (18.5”, 19.5” and 21.5”) and has some exciting features like HDMI, Full HD, WiFi, Speaker and camera. The products come with a 1-year warranty and MRP starts from Rs 11,500 and goes up to Rs 16,000.
For the distribution of these AIOs, the company has appointed Mumbai-based Compuage India for its distribution and product related services. The company is looking to tap the DIY market to build customized solutions for the different verticals.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Videocon Mobiles launches Android KitKat smartphone Z45 Nova+ for INR 4900

With a focus on offering smooth on-the-go connectivity to the next gen smartphone users, Videocon Mobile Phones Division, from the house of a billion dollar Videocon Group launches the rich-featured smartphone Z45 Nova+.
Powered by robust 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor and Android KitKat 4.4, Z45 Nova+ offers smooth multi-tasking and powerful performance, providing the best in class Android experience to users.
The device is power packed by 1800 mAh battery that ensures longer usage and keeps the entertainment going on for longer durations. Making user experience a delight for consumers, the smartphone features a 5MP BSI auto-focus rear camera to capture clear photos and HD videos. While the stunning 4.5- Inch FWVGA IPS Capacitive screen offers the best display experience, the 2MP front camera makes the device appropriate for clicking selfies.
The device comes equipped with an 8GB internal memory for apps along with upto 32GB external memory support; and has a 1GB RAM to handle multi-tasking with absolute ease.
A range of network and utility features like 3G-network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dual SIM, GPS and FM Radio make this device a perfect choice for today’s hyperactive mobile phone users.
Ensuring app and device safety, Videocon Mobiles offers a 90 days free subscription of V-Secure antivirus app and a safety tool V-Safe app designed for women, elderly people & children for security purpose in any emergency. Videocon Z45 Nova+ is available at a striking price of INR 4900.
The device also comes pre-loaded with the revolutionary V-Safe app, a safety tool designed for women, elderly people & children for security purpose in any emergency; along with V-Secure mobile security app to protect the device against malware and malicious apps.
Jerold Pereira, CEO, Videocon Mobile Phones said, “The launch of Z45 Nova+ brings a new addition to our portfolio of consumer-focused and affordable smartphones. By introducing such portfolios of smartphones, we aim to bring top smartphone features at a highly affordable pricing and creating a niche in budget smartphone market. With communication getting more hyper, consumers demands for devices, which can provide instant and smooth on-the-go connectivity. In line up to the same, the Z45Nova+ comes with a combination all these requirements at cost-effective pricing

Rashi Unveils Two New Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets.

Rashi is gearing up for the upcoming festive season with much fervor. The “True value added distributor” is working to get more and more exciting IT and telecom products into the Indian market, a variety of products for each segment. To initiate the festive fever, Rashi and Plantronics are, pleased to introduce the Exp10 Exp50, pair of Bluetooth headsets, for those who want value for money.
The explorer 10 and the explorer 50 feature a black matte finish Lightweight architecture. This model marks the re-entry of famous Explorer series which come with contoured ear tips to reduce external noise. Plantronics has leveraged years of experience in designing the two, which fit comfortably in the ear. Enjoy your mobile calls and hear streaming music and GPS directions without holding your phone or getting tangled in wired headphones. The headphones connect to two smartphones so you can answer calls from either one. These headsets come with a deep sleep mode with a stand by battery of 180 days.
“Plantronics have been committed in pushing the envelope in the audio industry.” Said Navin. “With the introduction of these Bluetooth headsets the company has filled the void of entry level Bluetooth with inbuilt A2DP for music. The new entry would help us target a wider audience; at the same time the ones who want value for money can now lay their hands on a product that only a company like Plantronics could perfect” Mr. Navin Mishra-Product Manager-Rashi Peripherals.
The explorer 50 would be priced at Rs. 2390, while the Explorer 10 is listed at Rs. 1990. The two headsets are Plantronics entry level headsets and hope to cater to the enthusiasts on a budget. The headsets would be distributed across the country by Rashi Peripherals who enjoy a reach in more than seven hundred and fifty cities across the nation, billing to over 9000 partners. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Genius introduces it’s new wireless optical mouse: the NS -6000

Long days at work behind the computer screen can become very exhausting for anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the accessories one uses provide comfort and ease of use. Recognizing this important need, Genius, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer peripherals and smart phone accessories, has launched its new wireless optical mouse: the NS -6000. With its contoured shape design, the mouse is suitable for both hands and supports your hand in a comfortable position, making it ideal for day long use.
Featuring a 2.4Ghz wireless technology, the mouse provides anti – interference with your Wi-Fi environment.  A 1000 dpi optical sensor provides smooth and great cursor control for browsing the web and documents just the kind of intuitive control you expect for your PC/laptop! The pico receiver conveniently snaps into the USB port for easy transport and storage. Additionally, to save on battery purchases, the NS -6000 comes with a single AA alkaline battery with a power saving switch, to extend the battery life. Couldn’t ask for more!
Commenting on the launch Mr. Gaurav Mathur, Country Business Head (India), Genius, said, ‘We are one of the leading players in the keyboard and mouse segment in India. With the launch of the Genius NS -6000 wireless optical mouse, we have demonstrated our commitment to be among the top 3 players soon. The NS -6000 provides ultimate user comfort with its contoured shape, saves power and extends battery life, thanks to the power saving switch, and its 1000 dpi optical sensor gives superior intuitive control over your device. We are confident that our customers and channel partners would love our new offering.’
Priced at Rs. 575 (MSRP), the Genius NS-2000 wireless optical mouse is available at over 10,000 plus retail outlets of all formats and all leading e-tailing sites including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and E-bay among others

PNY’s Duo-Link OU5 OTG - which transfers files in a breeze

PNY officially released the new Duo-Link OTG USB 2.0 flash drive. The Duo-Link is your on-the-go companion with advanced feature of micro USB combined with normal USB drive only for you to enjoy your data over the go and at your home. With the Duo-Link, you can transfer data between your smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops at your own comfort without any glitch at fast speed.The Duo-Link OU5 connects to your Android mobile device via the built-in micro-USB connector to quickly and easily transfer files. The standard USB connector on the other side of the flash drive plugs directly into the USB port on any USB 2.0 PC or laptop.
Its compact, all-in-one design is small enough to connect to your Android mobile device while in use for portable on-the-go use. The OU5 features a rugged swivel design that protects the USB port from dust and scratches. Its lightweight and cap-less design lets you carry additional photos, videos and files in your pocket without worrying about damage or lost caps. The drive features an integrated strip hole design that can be attached to handbags, wallets or mobile straps for a personalized look and handy access.
The Duo-Link OU5 works with any USB On-The-Go compatible Android tablet or smartphone with a micro-USB connector and supports Android version 4.0 or later. It is backed with PNY’s warranty of 2 years within the date of purchase.

Monday, May 18, 2015

SP Silicon Power Unveils the Latest M.2 and mSATA Solid State Drives

Silicon Power,
releases the latest powerful M10 M.2 2280 and M10 mSATA solid state drives. They both allow superior performances and high reliability with ultra-fast transfer interface of SATA III 6Gb/s, and supports Intel® Smart Response Technology (ISRT) to offer flexible upgrade solutions that saves consumers a lot of time and space.
SP M10 M.2 2280 SSD
Addressing the mini size and high performance needs for advanced portable devices, the M10 M.2 2280 can be applied for devices with an M.2 slot including next-gen desktops, Ultrabooks and motherboards with Intel 87/97 series chipsets. Engineered with a high-quality controller and MLC NAND flash chips, the M10 M.2 2280 delivers astonishing transfer rates up to Read/Write 520MB/330MB/sec while offering impressive 4K random Read/Write speeds of up to 40,000 IOPS in the CDM test. For business people, multimedia professionals and heavy gamers who value the importance of efficiency and stability, the M10 M.2 2280 significantly speeds up boot times and reduces loading times in games to deliver an immediately noticeable performance boost.
Built in an original controller and premium flash chips, the M10 mSATA SSD delivers blazibg fast transfer speeds up to Read/Write 520MB/330MB/sec and up to 40,000 IOPS of 4K random Read/Write speeds in the CDM test. It can also serve as a boot drive which promises both great capacity expansion and speed acceleration. For heavy gamers, professionals and DIY enthusiasts, the M10 mSATA provides serious performance gains in boot times, game and application loading.
More Flexibility in Hardware Upgrade with Intel ®SRT
Both M10 M.2 2280 and M10 mSATA support Intel® Smart Response Technology (ISRT) which enables more flexibility in hardware upgrades. Users can configure the computer with the M.2 or mSATA SSD acting as a cache drive between the hard disk drive and system memory, and this SSD can quickly access frequently used programs and games. This offers the benefit of having a hard disk drive for maximum storage capacity while creating an SSD-like overall system performance experience. Through advanced control technology, the M10 M.2 2280 and M10 mSATA support TRIM, NCQ, and S.M.A.R.T commands which allow the SSD’s real-time performance to be maintained at an optimum level at all times; Meanwhile it performs ECC technology, Wearing Leveling, and Bad Block Management to guarantee data transmission reliability and overall system stability. They are all backed by a 3-year warranty and come in 120GB, 240GB and up to 480GB capacities to satisfy different user demands.

Lenovo launches S60 smartphone for INR 12,999 in India

An ergonomic design enclosed in a smooth rounded poly-carbonate shell, the S60 has an impressive 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera with wide-angle for the selfie-lovers.
Equipped with 2GB RAM, 8GB internal storage which is expandable upto another 32 GB the Lenovo S60 gives you enough space for a large photo library and lets you store all your favourite videos and music.
The smartphone sports a 64-Bit 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor and is an ideal combination of style and substance that offers great aesthetic appeal and responsive performance. The smartphone features a crisp 12.7(5) cms HD screen, which allows you to watch videos in vibrant high definition.
Its stylish high gloss ergonomically advanced rear cover and bright yellow colour makes it a perfect choice for the fun young crowd. The S60 comes with a battery of 2150 mAh with a talk time up to 30 hours and standby time of up to 14 days. The phone runs the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system (upgradable to 5.0).
The S60 has connectivity options which include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 and it also has Lenovo’s P2P sharing app SHAREit that provides the fastest way of sharing your content with a friend without Wi-Fi, Data or Bluetooth. The S60 also comes preloaded with Lenovo’s super camera software that offers multiple photo filters along with selfie enhancements and gesture controls for taking photographs.
Price and Availability
The Lenovo S60 will be priced at Rs. 12,999/- and will be available in all leading retail outlets soon. The S60 goes on sale at Lenovo’s official brand store thedostore.com, Flipkart.com and Amazon.in, starting 12noon on Monday, May 18, 2015.

Friday, May 15, 2015

BIOSTAR Releases the Hi-Fi A68U3P with 4K Video and Super LAN Surge Protection

image001(2)BIOSTAR’s newest board, based on the AMD A68 series chipset, the Hi-Fi A68U3P, comes with 4k video support and Super LAN Surge Protection. The Hi-Fi A68U3P is based on the AMD FM2+ socket design that will support AMD Multi-Core (x4, x2) socket FM2+/FM2 processors AMD A-series/ E2-series processors all in a Micro ATX form factor along with USB 3.0 and SATA3.
The Hi-Fi A68U3P has 3 PCI slots and 2 DIMM slots supporting up to 32Gb of DDR3 ram and uses the newest SATA 6Gb/s bus which is twice the speed of current SATA 3G connections with 6 SATA connectors along with USB 3.0. In addition to the latest PCI technology support there is also a legacy PCI slot that will accept older devices for systems that still need them.
Super LAN Surge Protection provides the LAN port with more advanced antistatic protection capabilities by adding an integrated chip to strengthen electrical stability and prevent damage from lightning strikes and electrical surges. BIOSTAR’s SLSP (Super LAN Surge Protection) series motherboards upgrade the existing system protection standards with up to four times the protection compared to other board designs.
There is also support for AMD Dual Graphics Technology, as well as support for full HDMI 3D 1080p and the new 4K2K resolution which enables high-definition image displays with four times the resolution of typical HD. The 4K2K display faithfully expresses bright, highly detailed content that fills the entire screen with lifelike images. Connectivity with PCs is via a single HDMI cable for displaying the 4K2K data.

Google launches affordable Chrome devices in India

Google India on Friday launched a range of new and affordable Chromebooks and Chromebox targeted at education and businesses.
“The Chromebook was launched in India a year ago. Now we are launching three new Chromebooks,” Smita Hashim, global product manager, Chrome OS, said here.
Two Chromebooks, from Xolo and Nexian and priced at Rs.12,999, will be available from Amazon and Snapdeal and the pre-order booking will start from Friday. The third one from ASUS will be available in a couple of months.
“There will be more Chromebooks in the coming months from ASUS and Samsung,” she added.
The Chromebooks are targeted at schools.
“Since launching Chromebooksin India, we’ve been working to ensure that Chromebooks work in an environment where connectivity can be spotty, and many people’s first experiences with technology are through a phone rather than a laptop,” Hashim said.
She mentioned that the company has done pilot projects in Indian schools to see the adaptability of Chromebooks.
“On the education front, easy to use, easy to share, and easy to manage, Chromebooks have proved a hit with teachers and students around the world.
“In fact, according to IDC’s latest report on tablets and laptops in K12 education, Chromebooks were the bestselling device in the US last year. Now Chromebooks are available for Indian schools and educational institutions nationally,” she said.
On the business front, Google is introducing Chromebox for meetings for Indian businesses. The package will be priced at Rs.90,000.
A Chromebox is a personal computer running Google’s Chrome OS operating system. The device is a desktop variant of the Chromebook laptop.

Microsoft Unveils the Lumia 540 Dual SIM Smartphone for INR 10,199 in India

Blending exceptional design and great imaging quality, the Lumia 540 is a stylish, mid-range smartphone that delivers high-end performance in a compact package. The device can also be upgraded to Windows 10 when the service becomes available later this year.
Starting May 14, consumers can pre book their Lumia 540 and avail exciting offers. Consumers can walk into key retail partner stores in different cities across the country for consumers to avail the pre booking offer.
Building on Microsoft’s ambition of offering a true Windows Phone experience and premium features across price points, the device sets a new benchmark in the mid-range segment. The Lumia 540 Dual SIM features the latest Windows Phone 8.1 innovations and boasts a 5-inch HD display and crafted design details. It helps people stay productive on-the-go with Microsoft services like Skype and Office available out-of-the-box.
The device also enables better mobile experiences, such as taking wide-angle selfies that fit in more of the action, thanks to the front-facing 5 megapixel camera. The Lumia 540 Dual SIM is the perfect device for today’s youngsters as it offers multiple options for enhancing fun and productivity as part of a strong package.
Designed for young, ambitious people looking for their first serious smartphone, Lumia 540 comes with the best hardware and software experience to help people achieve more every day-
•Lumia 540 Dual SIM features crafted details and better mobile experiences-
•Instantly upgrade your phone calls with the ability to turn an incoming call into a video call with the touch of a button where you can fit more into the frame, thanks to the wide-angle, 5-megapixel front-facing camera, using the pre-loaded Skype service
•Capture even more detail with the rear-facing 8-megapixel camera with 2x zoom and LED Flash, and enjoy the resulting images on the big HD display
•Save and sync photos, videos and Office documents securely with up to 30GB of free cloud storage with built-in OneDrive
•Access, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and OneNote notebooks wherever you are, with the pre-installed Office suite
•Connect with work and personal e-mail while on the go with built-in Microsoft Outlook
•Enjoy favourite apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, PayTm, Ola, Gaana and Instagram, with thousands more available from Windows Phone Store.
•Smart Dual SIM lets you assign distinct profiles to SIM cards and ensures you never miss a call by forwarding calls to the active SIM card.
•Running the latest Denim software update and with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of on board memory.
The India offer for Lumia 540 Dual SIM
The Lumia 540 is being introduced to Indian consumers with some exciting offers. On every purchase of the new Lumia 540, Airtel subscribers can double the data on their current package free for a period of 2 months.
Paytm, the online wallet will offer a cashback worth INR 1000 on recharges made via the Paytm app (Rs. 200 off every month for 5 months). Ola offers consumers cashback of INR 800 on Ola money recharges (for Rs.200 cashback per recharge for the first four recharges of Rs.500 or higher). Lumia 540 Dual SIM users will also get a 2 months free subscription on Gaana.com with unlimited music downloads.

Seagate Celebrates 35 Years Of Storage Expertise with Seven Drive

Seagate Technology plc a world leader in storage solutions has announced the availability of the high-design, ultra-slim external drive that evokes the legacy form factor of 2.5-inch internal hard drives. The new Seagate Seven™ drive is the slimmest way to carry 500GB of data, with the name representing the 7mm depth of the 500GB drive. The simplicity of the industrial design of the Seagate Seven pays tribute to the roots of computer storage while simultaneously celebrating the latest advancements in storage innovation. The premium all-metal enclosure highlights the essence of a bare hard drive, Seagate’s core competency for over 35 years. . This statement product also recently won the prestigious iF Design and Red Dot Design awards for its world-class design.
“Seagate has been providing the world with storage since the modern origins of computing history,” said Mark Whitby, senior vice president of Seagate Branded Group. “Seagate Seven is designed to speak to this history, while looking forward to the future of where storage technology is headed. We believe that Seagate Seven will resonate with those who want the latest trend in mechanical design while inspiring the user to create great experiences and memories.”
The stunning Seagate Seven portable drive celebrates over 35 years of storage expertise and innovation. This statement product combines advanced storage research and development with world-class industrial design to create the slimmest way to carry 500GB of data. The Seagate Seven enclosure is made entirely of steel, not only to achieve the thinnest external drive, but also for a premium appearance inspired by a bare drive, the very essence of storage.
Seagate leveraged the latest of the company’s drive technologies and manufacturing processes to create the world’s thinnest external hard drive.  The deep draw process allows for the all steel enclosure to be shaped in a method that the material could not be any thinner and still hold the structural integrity needed to perform as an external portable storage device. The steel encasing also provides a rigidity, which allows for the incredibly thin design to be functional. The low profile motor technologies used in the bare drive are designed to include extreme Gyro handling capabilities with tablets and thin computing in mind.  This is a true benefit when considering that Seagate Seven is a storage device that people will carry with them in their bags or pockets. 
 Pricing and Availability:
Seagate Seven 500GB portable drive is currently available Wireless is currently available at Reliance, Croma, Amazon, Snapdeal and all authourised Seagate partners in India at a suggested retail price of INR 8,990.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

ASUS introduces the slim, featherweight powerhouse ‘ZenBook UX305’

UX305_PR-2ASUS announced the elegant and powerful ZenBook UX305, which at just 12.3mm thin is the world’s slimmest 13.3-inch full HD ultraportable laptop. UX305 weighs just 1.2kg. Powered by the all-new Intel® Core™ M-5Y10 Processor for seamless multitasking, and featuring an ultra-fast 256GB solid-state disk, UX305 is the ultimate ultraportable laptop for discerning users. The battery life of up to 10 hours  gives users true all-day freedom.
“Today’s introduction of our latest ASUS ZENBOOK is our step ahead to make the incredible available for the Indian masses. Being the pioneers of bringing ultrabooks in the country, we comprehend the market for Ultrabooks here and have timely introduced various variants to cater to the demand.  Zenbook UX305 is one of our elite ranges of products and will further enhance our Ultrabook Series and quality offerings for our existing and prospective customers,” Mr. Peter Chang, Region Head – South Asia & Country Manager – System Business Group – ASUS India
ZenBook UX305 has asleek new wedge-shaped design, crafted from solid aluminum and enhanced with diamond-cut highlights.
ZenBook UX305 is the recipient of a 2014 Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), and is also included in the Good Design Best 100 list, which is a selection of products receiving special recognition from the jury of industry experts for their exceptional and forward-looking designs.
ZenBook UX305 has also recently received a prestigious 2015 iF Design Award, an award recognized worldwide as seal of quality for products that excel in specific criteria including design quality, degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics and more. An independent jury of 50 experts from all over the world assesses products and selects winners.
Super-slim elegance with cool new color
ZenBook UX305 has a subtle and refined new shape that incorporates the DNA of the classic ZenBook. It features an elegantly-tapered wedge design with smooth, comfortable edges and diamond-cut edges that subtly emphasize the sleekness of the 12.3mm-thin chassis.
The full-size ergonomic keyboard has an improved layout for comfortable and accurate typing in any lighting conditions, and the large responsive touchpad supports Smart Gestures for intuitive control of Windows 8.1.
Continuing the long-established Zenbook tradition of combining performance with luxury, this gorgeous ultraportable — which weighs only 1.2kg — is available in a sophisticated new Obsidian Stone color with Zenbook’s signature spun-metal finish with its Zen-inspired concentric circle pattern,
Powerful productivity with all-day battery life and full connectivity
ZenBook UX305 is powered by the all-new Intel Core M processor, a remarkably power-efficient processor that effortlessly delivers smooth performance for any task. In combination with 4GB of RAM and an ultra-fast 256GB SSD,UX305 delivers impressive all-round performance. The blindingly-fast SATA 6Gbit/s SSD — which is up to six times faster than a traditional hard disk drive — helps make light work of file-intensive office productivity tasks. Applications load in an instant, and boot time is also reduced significantly.
The advanced ASUS thermal management design removes the need for cooling fans, so UX305 is fast yet completely silent, and remains cool at all times. ASUS IceCool technology ensures that the palm-rest area remains below body temperature at all times for maximum user comfort.
The use of a lithium-polymer battery and power-efficient components means that UX305 provides all-day computing with a battery life of up to 10 hours1, perfect for busy on-the-go professionals.
Despite its slim design, UX305 offers users full connectivity, with a total of three SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, offering data transfers that are up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. One of the USB ports supports ASUS Charger+ technology for rapid recharging of mobile devices. A USB-to-Ethernet adapter is bundled with UX305, along with a mini DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter for connecting to an external monitor.
Incredible Sound
Incredible sound has always been a feature of the ZenBook family, and UX305 is no exception. ASUS SonicMaster audio, incorporating ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology produces sound like you’ve never heard from a laptop, with deep rich bass and crystal-clear vocals. The easy-to-use AudioWizard software has five presets optimized for different sound sources, so users can always enjoy the ultimate listening experience.
Zenbook UX305 has precise multi-touch touchpad with Smart Gesture support, and a superbly-engineered backlit full-size ergonomic keyboard

Introducing the Ultimate Style #Selfie Stick, Say Hello to CliqueFie™

image003CliqueFietm, makers of the revolutionary twist on the selfie stick, is excited to announce its chic, portable and colorful product line.  The unparalleled style and design will give us all more reasons to join this ever growing phenomenon.
Creativity has been injected into every process of designing the CliqueFie, it is simplicity meets ingenuity from the functional to the aesthetics.  The minimalistic design and ultra portability is what makes this product so innovative and a one of a kind.  Whether you’re on campus, at the beach or shopping around, it is made to go everywhere with you and more importantly, designed to fit into your bag, whether that’s a handbag or a man-bag.
Let’s get down to the specs – the CliqueFie has some great industrial design ideas showing that serious thought went into the development of the product. For starters there are the double pull tabs for easy one-hand attach and detach mounting actions. Together with the 40 Newtons of locking force means that your expensive phone will be firmly secured.
Want Bluetooth options? How about a detachable Bluetooth module so you can directly take pictures using the Bluetooth button on the handle or detach it and use it with a working range of 10 meters (30 feet)
Oh, and one more thing, there is no need to carry an extra tripod either. With the spring-loaded retractable tripod, you can use the CliqueFie for wide angle group shoots or as a stand to stabilized long video shoots.
The CliqueFie is currently available in five colors: Applewhite, Black, Silver, True Blue, and Rose.
Launched this month (May 2015), CliqueFie expects a full product release as early as June of 2015. This means that your summer is going to be filled with pictures made with their new super-stylish mobile photography tool, stay tuned for further news from CliqueFie. Remember, Social Media is all about sharing experiences and communicating through self-expression, it’s never meant to be taken THAT seriously.

Unparalleled speed - The HP x715w USB 3.0 Flash drive

PNY Technologies, world renowned manufacturing giant for USB and Memory products, has officially released the durable and stylish HP x715w USB 3.0 flash drive for storing and sharing your digital files. This thumb-sized drive is extremely lightweight and compact and can be easily carried around anywhere you go. Equipped with USB 3.0 hardware, you can transfer HD movies, images and documents in mere seconds. The x715w comes encased in a shock-resistant and dustproof durable metallic casing. Its high-quality mirror finishing with electronic plating after printing technic features the HP logo engraved on the drive, which is present only on genuine PNY products and helps in distinguishing between counterfeit replacements. This ensures originality and PNY’s top quality performance as promised, is not tampered with in any ways.

Its petite size weighs in at 5.3g and its dimensions measure at H 4.5 mm x W 12mm x L 30.1mm. It comes in a handy cap-less design for convenient use. The drive also features a strip hole that can be looped around mobile straps, wallets or your backpacks. A fashionable HP logo charm comes attached along with the drive adding extra points for style and modernity.Simple plug-and-play operation means you can easily connect it to the USB port and start transferring files without any additional software installation required. USB 3.0 offers transfer speed up to 10x faster than an equivalent USB 2.0 drive. You can back-up, transfer and access your digital content quickly, with less waiting time. It's ideal for large files, HD films and back-ups. It’s also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 supported laptops or notebooks. The HP x715w is compatible with Windows 2000/ XP / Vista, Windows 7, 8, Mac OS: 10.3 and above operating systems. It comes in storage capacities ranging from 8GB to 64GB. The drive offers a promised warranty of 2 years within the date of purchase.

Enjoy lightning speed and high-performance with the HP’s latest USB flash drive-the HP x715w.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Genius Selects Supertron As ND

Computer peripherals and smartphone accessories provider Genius has appointed Kolkata-based Supertron Electronics as a national distributor for Indian market. The move is aimed at multiplying the reach and availability of Genius brand across the country including smaller cities and towns.
Supertron Electronics with its presence in 29 states coupled with 9000+ channel partners, brings local expertise and extensive market reach to the table.
Gaurav Mathur, Country Business Head (India), Genius, said, “The association with Supertron Electronics offers us the opportunity to leverage their nationwide distribution network, market knowhow and logistical excellence, as we look at consolidating our position in existing markets and tap newer geographies including smaller cities and towns. We are confident that the association will yield significant results and take us a step closer towards our vision of being among the Top 3 players in the laptop and smartphone accessories and peripherals market.”
Vibhor Agarwal Director Marketing, Supertron Electronics said, “Supertron will offer Genius a wide market penetration and experience manpower with local market expertise. Together we hope to propel brand Genius into one of the leading laptop and smartphone peripherals and accessories brand in India.”


ADATA to Parade New Products at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015

ADATA® Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, will be showing new technologies covering eSports and Gaming, Mobile and Cloud/IoT applications June 2-6 at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 in Taiwan's Taipei World Trade Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F, booth #J0806. In keeping with its "Aspire, Empower, Transform" theme, ADATA invites you to see the hottest new technologies including ADATA's XPG high performance gaming products, Solid State Drive solutions, Type-C mobile accessories, ruggedized products and the latest creations made just for Mac and iPhones.
XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) Gaming Products
XPG gaming DDR4 memory modules and gaming SSDs deliver a screamingly fast yet stable, smooth and playful experience - designed for PC Enthusiasts in pursuit of extreme speed!
The Latest High Performance SSDs and SSD Solution for Cloud and IoT Business
ADATA will show off its full line of high performance SSDs for consumers as well as Cloud / IoT segments. You'll see ADATA's newest USB3.1 SSDs, high speed NVMe M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSDs and the best bang-for-the-buck 2.5" SSDs.
New USB Type-C Storage and Smart Mobile Accessories
Get ready for the latest Type-C technology destined to link various mobile devices, notebooks, PCs and consumer electronics. ADATA gives you the thumb-pulse on the latest in Type-C solutions, including OTG flash drives, external HDDs, SSDs and cables.
Ruggedized Series - Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof
ADATA will present its lineup of ruggedized products designed for the best in heavy-duty. You'll see external HDDs that are rated to the highest industrial standards: IP68 waterproof, dustproof and military grade shock-proof, and also other rugged USB flash drives and power banks.
Apple Series Storage and Accessories
ADATA's Apple series of products for Apple computers and iPhones include rugged external HDDs, OTG flash drives, Lightning cables, USB Type-C cables and Apple computer memory.
You're invited to visit ADATA Technology at:
Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F
Booth #J0806
June 2-5, 2015 ● 09:30 - 18:00
June 6, 2015 ● 09:30 - 16:00

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RAPOO A200 Bluetooth mini-speaker- ‘Bells of Heaven’

RAPOO_1RAPOO, a global leader in providing cutting-edge wireless peripheral products, has introduced the glamorous RAPOO A200 Bluetooth mini speakers in India. Boasting of an excellent sound quality and an exceptional new age design, this mini-speaker is the new toy in the market. The five different colors (red, green, yellow, white and black) compete among themselves to grab attention. Its unique quality of being splashed and dust resistant makes it the on-the-go audio buddy for every high-school and college goer.
Mr Saurabh Grover, Country Head – India, SAARC & MEA at RAPOO said, “As a consumer, the most difficult decision would be to choose from the five delightful colors. The RAPOO A200 mini-speakers are ‘bells of heaven’. They have an output of 4W that is just amazing coming from such a tiny feat of engineering. This speaker would be a hit among the aspiring youth in India as it gives multiple connectivity options and are built to resist splashes, dust and shock.RAPOO A200 is yet another example of IT product as a style statement.”
The RAPOO A200 Bluetooth mini-speaker has a 4W high-powered amplifier system that gives a fine quality of output. It’s designed to resist splashes, dust and shock given its innovative structure, special materials and silicone frame. The speaker gives the option of wired and wireless connectivity powered by the Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

Monday, May 11, 2015

All new Portable Wireless Speakers from Sony

bluetooth-speakerSony India today launched the all new portable wireless speakers- SRS-X11 and SRS-X55. These sleek and trendy speakers make it easier than ever for the music lover to conveniently listen to and share their favourite tracks in great sound quality. In their compact designs and a variety of colours, the two new wireless speakers, SRS-X11 and SRS-X55, combine powerful sound quality with Bluetooth® and NFC™, enabling users to instantly connect their smart device and stream music wherever they are. These stylishly designed speakers can be even used as speaker phones to conveniently answer calls, all while enjoying favourite tracks.
SRS-X55 boasts of super clear sound with premium design. Sony’s S-Master™, DSEE™ (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) and ClearAudio+™ technologies which when combined together improve the bass, clarity and restore audio quality to deliver rich, refined sounds. SRS-X55 is powered with 2.1 channel system and dual passive radiators that delivers a beat-dropping output power of 30W, enough to crank up tunes for a great party. A truly easy to use speaker, it comes with internal rechargeable battery that lasts for 10 hours¹ offering long hours of great music.
SRS-X11 bundles ssuperb surround sound with twin speakers. With its tiny 61mm x 61mm x 61mm cube-design, the SRS-X11 is the smallest speaker in the range. Despite its small body, the SRS-X11 packs a punch as it combines the power of 10W with two passive radiators, offering rich deep bass.
Use the Speaker Add function to connect two SRS-X11 units together to either create twice the sound power in Double mode, or split the sound signal to enjoy real stereo sound in Stereo mode.
Users can enjoy their music wirelessly all day long with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 12 hours² . The SRS-X11 will come with a supplied silicon strap for easier portability and will be available in 4 colours variants – black, white, red and blue.

Charge your smartphones and tablets with ASUS ZenPower- a lightweight yet powerful Power Bank

ZenPower _Gold_ASUS announces the launch of its cutting-edge Power Bank; ASUS ZenPower. ASUS is a leading brand, driven by the strength of mastering technological innovation and design perfection for the ultimate life-enhancing and computing experience. It now presents the lightweight and powerful ZenPower, stated to be the World’s No.1 Credit Card Size, high capacity, 10050mAh Power Bank.
ASUS ZenPower weighs only 215g which is no bigger than a credit card and is a perfect palm fit product that can fully charge any smart device. The built-in 10050mAh battery offers substantial capacity to keep not just one, but multiple devices charged.
It supports devices of various brands and batteries of various capacities. A smart phone with a battery capacity of 1500mA, 2000mA, 2500mA and 3000mA can be charged 4 times, 3 times, 2.5 times and 2 times respectively. Besides this, it can also charge tablets with battery capacity of 4000mA, 4500mA and 5000mA for 1.5 times, 1.2 times and 1.1 times.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Arnold Su’ – Product Manager – Mobile Accessories, ASUS India said, “The ASUS ZenPower not only offers superlative functionalities but also focusses on the aesthetic aspects. The aluminum outer casing contributes to the beauty and strength of the device and its ergonomic feel. It lends a smooth, premium finish that gives it a luxurious look.”
Additionally, the device comes with extra protection with a vibrant twist. The ZenPower Bumper adds an extra layer of tactile toughness which is soft to touch, scratch and impact resistant and is available in various colours. It offers high-speed, high-efficiency charging with up to 2.4A output. Its exclusive PowerSafe Technology also monitors temperature, controls both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits providing maximum safety while charging. Furthermore, the device is rigorously tested to ensure the best in quality.


WD  a Western Digital company and a digital storage leader, today rolled out the “May Sweet Treat” offer exclusively for registered members of the myWD partner program in India. The offer will commence on May 11, 2015 and will continue till the end of this month. It will provide an opportunity for eligible myWD partners to win an LG Smart TV, a My Passport Ultra drive, an Apple iPad Mini, or a gift card worth INR 1,000. To participate in the contest, myWD partners who have purchased qualifying products will have to answer a WD-related question which WD will judge to select the top seventeen (17) responses using the following criteria: creativity, uniqueness, and integration of the WD brand. Information regarding eligibility and criteria are detailed in the Terms and Conditions section at: http://momentumdigital.co.in/mywdpromo/TandC/
The myWD Partner Program is specifically created to help value-added resellers, managed service providers, solution providers and system integrators grow their business. The myWD program offers a comprehensive line up of benefits including exciting member-only promotions and exclusive access to a rich set of marketing tools and more.
To become a myWD partner, please register at http://www.mywd.com/.
If already a myWD partner in India, to participate in the ‘May Sweet Treat’ offer, please visit http://momentumdigital.co.in/mywdpromo/.

Thecus® to Showcase Innovative NAS Solutions at Computex 2015

Thecus Technology Corp. has announced that it will be attending Computex 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan from June 2nd – June 6th. Thecus will be demonstrating its groundbreaking storage solutions including the recently released N5810PRO, a high performance 5-bay NAS that includes a built in Mini-UPS, 5 LAN ports, and a host of new features.
“Computex provides a great venue for us unveil our latest technologies and display existing products,” said Florence Shih, CEO of Thecus. “Users will be able to experience our wide range of NAS solutions for home, small/medium business, and enterprise uses.”
Thecus will unveil two breakthrough SMB/Enterprise solutions including a 7-bay tower NAS as well as an 8-bay rackmount unit. These NAS will be powered by the Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of built-in memory that can be upgraded to a maximum of 32GB, and come 10G-ready.
Thecus will also be displaying its full line-up of Windows-based products which feature a rich set of functions that enable users to deploy Windows Storage Server functions including Data Deduplication, Active Directory, and cloud based services such as Azure and Office 365.

Visit Thecus at the Nangang Exhibition Center Booth J0830.

ASUS Announces Build Your Gaming PC Summer Program

ASUS announces an exciting Build You Gaming PC program for this summer. With Grand Theft Auto V having just launched on the PC and other hotly anticipated titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight on the horizon, it’s important to have only the best components in your rig. To sweeten the deal, ASUS will be offering the ROG Gladius Optical Gaming Mouse, worth Rs 4,500, absolutely free. Customers will also receive a limited edition ROG T-shirt and a copy of McAfee Antivirus. ASUS has partnered with Intel and Kingston to get this exciting program off the ground.

To get started, simply head to this link – httpw://bit.ly/1GHr4sB and browse through the eligible components. Browse from an assortment of 4th Generation Intel CPUs, Kingston’s Hyper X series SSDs and ASUS’s ROG and Strix series motherboards and GPUs. Once you’ve built your rig, head down to the ‘Where to Buy’ link to find an ASUS sales person closest to you who’ll help you executing your purchase. Once done, simply send us the details for our records by clicking the ‘Claim Your Gifts’ link and we’ll arrange to have your goodies delivered to you.
Speaking about the program, Vinay Shetty, Country Head, ASUS Component Business said, “A game like GTA V proves that if you want the ultimate immersive gaming experience, then there’s no better platform than the PC. Fueled by our passion for gaming, the Build Your Gaming PC program aims to expand our DIY community by nurturing a whole new generation of gaming enthusiasts along the way.”

Building an ASUS gaming PC will grant you a free pass to the ROG Gladius gaming mouse. Hailed by IGN India for its “excellent ergonomics, superb optical sensor, an amazing level of customization”, the Gladius is the perfect tool to complement your gaming rig. Not only that, it’s the only mouse to come bundled with replaceable Omron switches, so when the time comes, simply replace it and continue gaming.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Lapcare’s unique Power Bank family pack ~Alpha ,Beta and Gamma for various power needs~

Family pack
Lapcare, India’s leading brand of smartphone, tablet and laptop accessories ,has unveiled  a unique Power Bank family pack, to celebrate Mother’s Day . Staying connected with their children is every mother’s heartfelt wish and power banks help you stay connected, by never letting your device drain out of power.  There could not be a better gift for your mom, this Mother’s Day!
Packing a set of 3 power banks – Alpha, Beta and Gamma, these external batteries come with 6600 mAh, 4400mAh and 2200mAh capacities respectively. Featuring a bright LED flashlight, import grade cells, four LED lights to show the exact power and micro USB cable for charging, the power banks are stylish and durable.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Atul Guupta, Managing Director, Lapcare, said, ‘Families today own multiple power hungry devices. A single power bank is not sufficient to meet the charging needs. We, at Lapcare therefore thought of launching a unique family pack of Power Banks with different capacities. Also, with Mother’s Day round the corner, the family pack is an ideal gifting option, to help you stay connected with your mom.’

Huawei Honor Unveils Honor 4c, Honor Bee and Power Bank AP007 in India

Honor-4c-Huawei-264x300Honor, which is Huawei’s Smartphone e-brand for digital natives, has expanded its offering by launching two new smartphones – Honor 4C and Honor Bee and a Power Bank AP007 which would be sold exclusively through online partner Flipkart.com.
The products were launched by RCB players in the presence of Allen Wang, President Consumer Business Group, Huawei and Honor India
The company has received an overwhelming response from Indian consumers for its recently launched smartphones Honor 4X and Honor 6 Plus. Owing to this consumer loyalty and feedback; Honor has decided to expand it’s offering with Honor 4C, Honor Bee and Power Bank AP007.
The company also plans to offer irresistible offers to its loyal consumers. Honor announced that the Honor 4C would be available at a competitive price of Rs. 8,999 offering a stiff competition in the mid-end segment; whereas Honor Bee will be priced at Rs. 4,999. The Honor Power Bank AP007 will be available at an attractive price of Rs. 1, 399.
Pre-order for Honor Bee has started on both hihonor.in and flipkart.com and sales will start from 11th May. Honor 4C and AP007 will go on sale starting 6:00 pm on May 08th, 2015. Additionally, the Honor Bee would be available at a discount of 10% on purchase via debit/credit card as a limited period inaugural offer on pre-ordering.
According to Allen Wang, President of Consumer Business Group, Huawei & Honor India, “We are very excited to launch our two new powerful smartphones 4C and Bee along with a Power Bank AP700 in India. This is the global launch for Honor Bee and we are confident that it will be a strong performer in the lower mid-level segment.
The Honor 4C with faster speed, best quality and beautiful design will be an excellent choice for consumers in the mid segment market in India. The Power Bank AP007 will successfully address the power needs of today’s always-on-the-move generation. We are thankful to our customers for their continued support and for their overwhelming response on Honor 4X and Honor 6 Plus. We will strive to offer best in tech innovations to match the discerning needs of our consumers and our design philosophy is based on three basic characteristics: best camera, long battery life and remarkable craftsmanship.”
Honor is bullish on its India growth and is looking at investing 10 million dollars for Honor India and out of this the majority will be on brand building and promotion. The brand has clocked sales of over 20 million Honor phones in 2014, accounting for a global revenue of about 2.4 billion USD with a 24 times increase. The company has expanded aggressively in global markets and successfully launched in 57 global markets within 6 months in 2014. Honor entered the bestselling charts in most of the European countries that it forayed and aims to achieve 4 times sales growth in Honor overseas.
Honor 4C packs an impressive hardware in a handy form factor with a well-designed built. It has an ultra slim frame design which brings an unbounded visual impact to eyes and a solid gripping experience. The phone packs a 5-inch HD IPS Display having 1280×720 pixels with 76% visual screen to body ratio. Carrying forward Honor’s camera expertise, it houses a 13 megapixel rear camera with Smart Image 2.5 technology that churns out outstanding imaging both in day and night. Selfies come very easy with its 5 megapixel front camera that also allows you to capture panoramic selfies. Boasting 2550 mAh battery, Honor 4C delivers enough juice to let you use its features and applications without worrying about the discharge. It runs on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) with Emotion UI 3.0 on top and the system offers a more intuitive, simple, clear and stylish design.
Honor Bee is Honor’s latest price competitive offering which sports a simple wove meticulous design. The screen size is best for one hand handle at 4.5 inch with FWVGA resolution and high screen ratio of 16:9. On the imaging front, it structures a 8 megapixel rear camera with DUAL LED flash and 2 megapixel front camera. The Dual LED flash enhances low light photography conditions and helps the camera to capture fine details. The camera also brings in Honor smartphones signature camera applications likes snap shoot, smile shoot and panoramic selfies. Its 1 GB ram satisfies the daily multimedia requirements and the Quad core chipset easily balances the work load. It runs on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) with Emotion UI 3.0 on top and the system offers a more intuitive, simple, clear and stylish design. On the battery side, it has a 1730mAh battery with power saving technology.
Honor Power Bank AP007 The Honor Power Bank has a massive 13000 mAh battery enabling to charge your smartphone faster whenever in crisis of battery discharge. It features high quality circuit and professional architectural design with industry’s leading intelligent control chip and protection circuit design in order to provide security protection. The Power Bank is compatible with every mainstream smartphone and tablet and can be connected via USB cable and port. It also has one-piece bracket design which is effective to ensure the safety of the batteries and electric circuit. Further, It comes with intelligent sleep and energy saving mode to ensure optimized power consumption.