What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

GIGABYTE Takes Giant Strides Towards Promoting PC Gaming In India

Over the years, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been offering attractive platforms for dedicated PC gamers to showcase their skills, by promoting quality gaming events in India.In line with this initiative, the company was a part of some of the classiest gaming competitions held recently in the country that included the RageQuit Cup Season 3 in New Delhi, and Dota2 Pubstomp 2015 in Bengaluru.These events gave GIGABYTE an exciting stage to connect with the fast-mushrooming Indian gaming community. RageQuit Cup Season 3 culminated with a grand finale in New Delhi on August 16, 2015. It attracted an online registration of 320 teams comprising 2,240 gamers, of which 256 teams totaling 1,792 gamers were selected to play the qualifiers. Team Neckbreak emerged the winner, taking home a cash prize of Rs. 75,000.Meanwhile, Dota 2 Pubstomp 2015, a part of The International Dota2 Championships Pubstomp 2015, was held in one of Bengaluru’s biggest gaming cafes, from August 3 to 8, 2015. A large number of gaming enthusiasts were present to watch the matches live on giant screens. It attracted over 150 participants. Commenting on the events, Sunil Grewal, Director, GIGABYTE Technology (India), said, “GIGABYTE, which is globally impressing gamers with its G1™ Gaming motherboards featuring the industry’s highest standards of onboard features and technologies, is always on a lookout for avenues to promote the e-Sports culture in India. Events like RageQuit Cup or Dota2 Pubstomp encourage and inspire gaming enthusiasts to live out their passion, display their skills, give them instant recognition, and also, open more doors of opportunities for them for the future“It also gives GIGABYTE an opportunity to meet and interact personally with those who are passionate about gaming, understand their needs – all which can go a long way in helping us bring out gaming motherboards with more cutting edge features and technologies,” added Grewal.Gaming has always been a high focus area for the GIGABYTE motherboard brand. The company has been consistently creating a line of gaming motherboards that focus exclusively on the features that matter the most to gamers. Whether playing First Person Shooters or Real-Time Strategies, GIGABYTE G1™ Gaming motherboards deliver top-notch features that can give gamers the winning edge and deliver a much more realistic and immersive gaming environment than even the latest game consoles.By being first to incorporate industry leading audio, LAN and graphics technologies directly onto the motherboard and providing the highest quality hardware and software to allow gamers to tweak their system performance to the highest levels, GIGABYTE G1™ motherboards are designed for gamers who aren’t satisfied with second best.This fact was endorsed by many of the gamers who excelled in the recent events. Raunak Sen, who represented the winning team, Neckbreak, at the Ragequit Cup Season 3, said, “I have been using GIGABYTE motherboards for my gaming rigs since many years. I believe GIGABYTE boards unfailingly provide advantages at every level of gaming. For a competitive gamer like me even a small loss of FPS (frames per second) or some sort of lag would drastically affect the playing capabilities or the quality of streaming. GIGABYTE G1™ motherboards ensure that none of these situations arise.”Endorsing Sen’s views, Bari Naseer Anwar, who represented the first runner up team, Elunes, at the Ragequit Cup, said, “I have three gaming PCs and all of them have GIGABYTE motherboards because I know they come with several features that gamers like me dream about. For example, the exclusive Killer™ Intelligent Networking Platform that automatically detects and steps up game traffic ahead of other network traffic for smoother, lag-free in-game performance; or the latest Sound Blaster software suite that ensures the most powerful audio platform offering premium audio quality, effects and features for gamers. GIGABYTE G1™ motherboards’ exclusive AMP-UP™ Audio Technology includes Triple Upgradable OP-AMPs, the highlight of which is an OP-AMP each for the left and right channels on the rear I/O, and another one, for the front audio jack.”The newly launched GIGABYTE 100 Series G1™ Gaming motherboards feature the world’s first Audio onboard design (which includes the Creative® Sound Core3D™ Quad-Core Audio Processor and Burr-Brown High End 127 dB DAC); and the Killer DoubleShot-X3™ Pro. Combining the Dual Gigabit LAN Killer E2400 with the Killer 1535 Wi-Fi card offering the latest 802.11ac+Bluetooth 4.1, the Killer DoubleShot-X3™ Pro application can prioritize and redirect the most important traffic over the fastest connection available, making sure that your game is never affected by a congested network due to multitasking.

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