What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Friday, November 6, 2015

Celebrating Deepavali with the PNY Giveaway

PNY wishing its Facebook fan to celebrate this year Diwali by gifting their dear and nears one with the perfect PNY Diwali Giveaway, and just like any other years, the excitement is on the air with people already bursting the crackers, shopping and exchanging sweets. As it is a perfect time to convey warm wishes to your friends, family, acquaintances colleagues and loved ones.
For this year Diwali celebration PNY will be giving away the perfect Mobile gadget 2 Set.  Each set consist of Key Attaché + OTG Panda and Mic Plus m305p, Set A has the Blue Key Attaché and set B has the Grey Key Attaché.  The memorial part of this year Diwali festival is wishing loves ones with the message of love and gifting them with the PNY Mobile gadget set.
PNY Key Attaché USB flash drive combines innovation with unsurpassed functionality to offer the next level in storage devices. It effectively serves the dual purpose of being a trendy and fashionable key ring while offering mobility of data and information, the unique and eye catching design makes it a visual delight that complements and reflects the style and personality of the users. And the PNY OTG Panda is a cute little device shaped like an adorable panda replete with details including black eyes, nose, ears, bellybutton, and arms on a snow-white body. The micro-USB port can be connected to your Android Smartphone/tablet, while any USB 2.0 compatible peripheral can be plugged into the other end to work with your Android device. Its tiny size and light weight makes it very portable and the final set of PNY Mic Plus m305p/m105w is ergonomic design and superb breakthrough technology delivers clean, crisp sound providing quality listening, added to that, the selection of soft ear buds that come in three replaceable sizes to suit different ear shapes and provide maximum comfort, it is compatible with IPods, IPhones, MP3s and other computer devices and ensures superior sound is travelled to the ear for dynamic quality.
So this Year to celebrate the festival of light PNY wishing all its Facebook fan a Happy Diwali and to win the perfect Diwali Giveaway “PNY Mobile Gadget Set”.
To win this Perfect PNY Mobile Gadget set, all you have to do is to follow these simple steps;
(i)                 Like the PNY India Fan Page
(ii)               Like the activity post, leave message under this post and tag one of your friend with;
 “_____ (tag Your friend’s FB ID), let’s Celebrate Diwali with PNY!”.
PNY Diwali Giveaway starts from 9th November till 15th November, so hurry, take part and get the chance to win the perfect Diwali gift from PNY.

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