What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ViewSonic Provides Projector Apps to Create Portable and Convenient Life

ViewSonic’s three projector Apps improve users’ projection experience

ViewSonic has released for the public three specially designed apps to make the use of projectors that much simpler. To provide consumers with the most abundant and convenient portable projector information check tool, ViewSonic integrates high degree of flexibility and integration capabilities, and 100% self-develop three designed projector APP, including the world's pioneer ProjectorExpert APP which gathers multiple function and diverse information, vRemote remote control APP, and ProjectorDistance APP, assisting consumers any problems might be concurred when selecting projectors, such as how to choose appropriate projector from all selections, whether to meet future projection space, or any similar case study information can be referred to in advance. The ProjectorExpert App is a world pioneer app that collects diverse information and provides multiple functions. The app has menu options for DLP, Features, Projector, ViewSync, Accessories, Successful Story, Distance Calculator, Press Releases, Select A Projector and About. These ten options create a space to review projector related information and acts as a general users perfect assistant tool to carefully know all the details about a projector. It can also be useful for professionals who are sellers or distributors of projector systems. It is easy and intuitive to utilize and provides a well needed tool to check issues instantly.
These apps from ViewSonic offer a wide range of functional services to get the user convenient portable projector informational tools. They can check a variety of settings connected to the projector, select appropriate projectors for different situations and review many projector related issues and problems. The ViewSonic Projector apps provide a high level of flexibility and integrate well between the user’s mobile device and the selected projector.
All the apps are made available on the Google Play and App store for Android and Apple iOS devices.  To find out more about ViewSonic, visit www.viewsonic.com


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