What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fujitsu Launches New Simulator For Visually Creating Product Assembly Configurations

Fujitsu LogoFujitsu today announced the launch of a new version of its digital production preparation tool, FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution VPS (Virtual Product and Process Simulator), developed by Digital Process Ltd., which supports product assembly process studies with 3D models. The new version, which adds functionality for creating product assembly configurations visually, will commence global availability(1) to the manufacturing industry, starting today. This new version now offers “configuration blocks,” which by displaying component parts as shape images when incorporating product design CAD configurations into VPS assembly configurations, and expressing in a chart the relationships between the units, enables visual editing of assembly sequences. In addition, Fujitsu has strengthened its functionality such that changes in CAD data are immediately reflected in the VPS, with the aim of improving work quality and efficiency. These changes have made it even easier to use 3D data in production preparation tasks, contributing to the shortening of development times and improvements in product quality.

VPS is a software package that covers the entire process of production preparation, using 3D model data of products created in CAD tools for product reviews, process reviews when assembling products, production line layout reviews, and creating documents used in manufacturing, in order to support the smooth start-up of mass production. In order to turn 3D model data created in CAD programs into assembly process information, it is first necessary to change it from a CAD configuration into a configuration that has taken assembly configuration or assembly sequence into account. There has been a demand for a means to greatly reduce the amount of time and man-hours necessary for the editing tasks needed to create this assembly configuration for large numbers of components, as well as to reuse old product configurations. By offering this new VPS version, and strengthening its configuration creation functionality and performance, Fujitsu is supporting greater work efficiency for its manufacturing customers.

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