What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Monday, June 13, 2016

PNY Introduce the HP v150w in classic black color_The Best Solution for the Data Storage

PNY introduce the HP v150w in classic black color, it offers a fast & convenient way to back up, share, transfer and carry files and documents. The Classic Black HP v150w is the ideal solution for any data storage, its slime and streamlined appearance makes it lightweight and portable enough to be carried around, stashed with all files of all shapes and sizes like homework or business projects. This small, pocket able drive just simplifies the mobile lifestyles.The Black HP v150w offers an easy and extremely convenient way to transfer share and store all the digital media files like images, music. Videos and more whether one wants to grab and move with the digital files. This Stylish drive not only looks good on the outside but performs high-speed transfer of files in mere seconds. USB 2.0 specification makes it compatible with other USB 2.0 configured desktops and notebooks available in the market.The Black HP v150w measures just by H 905mm x W 17.2mm x D 55mm and weighs only 8.8gm, so it is very easy to slip onto the pocket, with the storage ranging from 4GB ~ up to massive storage space of 64GB, it can store dozen or even hundreds of files into it.
The Black HP v150w has a unique cap less design which can easily slide the drive to the end and expose the USB port underneath it, this allows to carry the drive anywhere one wants without worrying about a misplaced cap or fear of it
getting lost. The Sliding cap design protect the USB port from any external damage such as to dust, scratches and it is also waterproof which provides a secure haven for any important files. For added mobility, the black HP v150w also features a strap hole located at the top of the drive. Loop a mobile strap around it or wear it as a lanyard, or make it a stylish accessory or simply attach it to the backpacks, wallet or key chains. Create a style statement by being creative and sporting the drive however one likes.
It works smoothly with Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS: 10.3 and above operating system.
The Black HP v150w offers warranty of 2 years within the date of purchase.

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