What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Thursday, February 25, 2016

GIGABYTE India Sets Ambitious Strategy for 2016

In a bid to further consolidate its leadership position in the Indian DIY (Do It Yourself) PC market, GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd is embarking on an ambitious plan for 2016. The plan involves enhanced and focused sales and marketing initiatives targeting specific high-growth market segments and categories in the broader PC market for 2016.
This year, GIGABYTE intends to significantly strengthen and widen its market base in the gaming motherboard category. Accordingly, a major chunk of its marketing initiatives will be focused on the gaming segment, targeting gamers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
“The gaming segment in India is becoming more vibrant with each passing year, with many gamers graduating from casual to serious gamers, more platforms to exhibit gaming features, and more events and contests with active participation from gaming hardware and software companies,“ Sunil Grewal, Director at GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., explained.“ Gaming related activities are now blooming even in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, which a couple of years back was restricted to only top tier cities.“
“For the gaming enthusiast in India, GIGABYTE is determined to offer the best and latest technologies available to gamers with its motherboards that are loaded with innovations for them,” Grewal added.
GIGABYTE’s G1 Gaming brand is globally recognized as the motherboards which offer the best and latest technology to gamers. For example, select models of the newly launched GIGABYTE 100 Series G1™ Gaming motherboards come with the world’s first onboard audio design that includes the Creative® Sound Core3D™ Quad-Core Audio Processor and Burr-Brown High End 127 dB DAC (an add-on professional audio card level sound solution); and the Killer DoubleShot-X3™ Pro software solution paired with the latest network controller from Killer, the E2400, for an uncompromised gaming experience.
Among a range of other features, this series supports the exclusive AMP-UP™ Audio Technology which includes Triple Upgradable OP-AMPs, the highlight of which is an upgradable OP-AMP each for the left and right channels on the rear I/O, and another one for the front audio jack.

D-Link Showcases Smart Home Innovations & Ground-Breaking Surveillance Technology at MWC 2016

D-Link showcases its latest innovations in Smart Home, surveillance and Wi-Fi router technologies at Mobile World Congress 2016, as well as developments in telecoms technology. D-Link, which celebrates its 30th anniversary of keeping customers connected this year, shows why it sits at the heart of the Smart Home.
Current capabilities include the latest home automation and video surveillance devices that make our lives easier and safer; partnerships with ISPs and utility companies to bring smart home packages to market; and underlying it all, high-performance routers that improve coverage and help to maximize the available Internet speed in our homes, allowing consumers to connect to more.
The company’s latest advancements in the Smart Home arena, and a look forward to what’s coming next, is being shown through demonstrations and previews on Stand 2D33MR.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Portronics Unveils Thunder-Bluetooth Portable Soundbar

Portronics is proud to introduce and launch its newest addition – the Thunder Bluetooth Soundbar – the most awesome piece of equipment you will crave to own. Standing apart from most others; Thunder is the real “mean machine” – all-in-all metallic and robust with superior sound output.
The built-in speakers in most flat-panel TVs are less than grand. Thunder is the perfect upgrade to your TV’s default speakers that is sure to pack a big punch to your TV’s sound. Thunder is absolutely compact and majorly improves dialogue clarity while providing more vibrant, full-range sound. What more, it takes up minimal space and is designed to flow with modern décor.
Thunder is an Active soundbar with an all-in-one setup and houses 6 powerful 10W speakers in one sleek bar; giving a super powerful output of 60W from a single sound system and at the same time lends it a more streamlined and compact look. Setting up Thunder is also a cinch as it allows you a super simple plug-and-play connectivity. Thunder fits your bill perfectly if you are looking for clean installation and great sound quality.

But Thunder is more than just your TV’s amplifier. It will also act as your Home Sound System. Thunder comes with Bluetooth connectivity and gives you the comfort of playing your favourite tunes straight off your Smartphone or Tablet. Thunder will also steal the show at your get-togethers and dinner parties by allowing you to stream music straight from your computer or other device. The best part is that pairing Thunder with your audio devices is a relatively simple process.
Additionally, Thunder offers a host of useful features like multiple connectivity options of – USB Drive, Aux-in and COAXIAL. It comes with a Remote Control and an on-panel display, an absolute essential when you are looking at the comfort of streaming music from “anywhere, anytime!”
Thunder’s unique feature also includes dual low frequency radiator, dual independent acoustic cavity and digital amplifiers with low power consumption channel. Although Thunder packs all the above features in itself, it still gives you the additional unique feature of portability which most other soundbars lack. It is more compact and easier to carry; plus its plug-and-play feature makes it a breeze to operate.
Thunder is your robust music-mate, all metallic, dynamic in style and design, clearer and superior in sound yet easy on your pocket. Thunder offers you full soundbar features and impeccable built quality and comes in the ever stylish black color.

AMD Expands Low-Power, G-Series Processor Family

At Embedded World announced its 3rd Generation AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs and the Embedded G-Series LX SoC, providing customers a broadened portfolio of performance options. The latest offerings expand developers’ ability to scale x86 platforms, starting with the entry-level AMD Embedded G-Series LX SoC, which is pin compatible to the previous generation G-Series SoC devices. Also announced today are two new, higher performing 3rd Generation AMD Embedded G-Series SoCs, codenamed “Prairie Falcon” and “Brown Falcon,” which introduce for the first time pin compatibility for G-Series processors with the higher performance AMD Embedded R-Series SoC.
The new products expand upon the low power capabilities of the award-winning AMD Embedded G-Series SoC platform, bringing scalable performance, power, and price across the CPU, GPU, multimedia, and I/O controller hardware, helping to lower development costs for AMD customers. Together, the new G-Series processors deliver immersive, graphically rich experiences across a broad range of platforms, from entry-level to mainstream gaming, digital signage, imaging, and industrial control.
“The latest AMD Embedded G-Series SoC additions offer our customers a broad range of mainstream embedded solutions, including two that are in the same package as the higher-performance R-Series,” said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Enterprise Solutions. “The new SoCs further our commitment to provide embedded design engineers with an evolutionary path toward the highest levels of power efficient compute and graphics capabilities, and a strong value proposition for a broad range of embedded applications.”
The new G-Series’ balanced set of peripheral support, performance options, and overall energy efficiency are expected to make an immediate impact with AMD customers and the embedded ecosystem.
“The embedded market is an incredibly dynamic space right now, enabled by more immersive graphics and significant gains in power efficiency and performance,” said Shane Rau, IDC. “The advent of versatile system on chip (SoC) solutions that are pin-compatible across a range of performance and price, coupled with comprehensive embedded software stacks, are giving product engineers a much greater range of choices in building dynamic, graphically rich next gen systems.”

PNY Introduce the New Black HP v150w USB The Best Solution for the Data Storage

The Best Solution for the Data Storage

PNY Technologies, world renowned manufacturing giant for USB and memory products, introduce the HP v150w in classic black color, it offers a fast & convenient way to back up, share, transfer and carry files and documents. The Classic Black HP v150w is the ideal solution for any data storage, its slime and streamlined appearance makes it lightweight and portable enough to be carried around, stashed with all files of all shapes and sizes like
homework or business projects. This small, pocket able drive just simplifies the mobile lifestyles. PNY Technologies, world renowned manufacturing giant for USB and memory products, introduce the HP v150w in classic black color, it offers a fast & convenient way to back up, share, transfer and carry files and documents. The Classic Black HP v150w is the ideal solution for any data storage, its slime and streamlined appearance makes it lightweight and portable enough to be carried around, stashed with all files of all shapes and sizes like homework or business projects. This small, pocket able drive just simplifies the mobile lifestyles. The Black HP v150w offers an easy and extremely convenient way to transfer share and store all the digital media files like images, music. Videos and more whether one wants to grab and move with the digital files. This Stylish drive not only looks good on the outside but performs high-speed transfer of files in mere seconds. USB 2.0 specification makes it compatible with other USB 2.0 configured desktops and notebooks available in the market.The Black HP v150w measures just by H 9.5mm x W 17.2mm x D 55mm and weighs only 8.8g, so it is very easy to slip onto the pocket, with the storage ranging from 4GB ~ up to massive storage space of 64GB, it can store dozen or even hundreds of files into it. The Black HP v150w has a unique cap less design which can easily slide the drive to the end and expose the USB port underneath it, this allows to carry the drive anywhere one wants without worrying about a misplaced cap or fear of it getting lost. The Sliding cap design protect the USB port from any external damage such as to dust, scratches and it is also waterproof which provides a secure haven for any important files. For added mobility, the black HP v150w also features a strap hole located at the top of the drive. Loop a mobile strap around it or wear it as a lanyard, or make it a stylish accessory or simply attach it to the backpacks, wallet or key chains. Create a style statement by being creative and sporting the drive however one likes. It works smoothly with Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS: 10.3 and above operating system. 
The Black HP v150w offers warranty of 2 years within the date of purchase.

SanDisk introduced the SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive

SanDisk today introduced the SanDisk Ultra® USB Type-C™ Flash Drive designed specifically for next-generation devices. The sleek, new drive features a versatile and powerful USB Type-C connector for quick file transfer between USB Type-C enabled mobile devices, laptops, tablets and future devices.

“We expect to see many new USB Type-C supported devices released in 2016,” Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product marketing, SanDisk. “As more consumers purchase ultra-mobile PCs, smartphones and tablets that feature this new, more advanced USB standard, it is critical to offer a complete ecosystem of compatible products. New offerings, like our SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive, will give consumers the capabilities they’ve come to expect from traditional Type A ports, but with the added benefit of better performance.”

The new SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive is available in up to 128GB* and delivers USB 3.1 performance of up to 150MB/s2, making it SanDisk’s fastest and highest capacity USB Type-C offering. The USB drive features a slim, retractable design to protect the reversible connector and is compatible with the SanDisk Memory Zone app for Android™. The app, which is available for free through the Google Play™ Store, auto-launches upon insertion of the drive into a compatible device, allowing immediate access to the user’s content and easy file management3.

“USB Type-C connectors could be a game-changer, as they offer significant benefits to consumers, such as a slim design and reversible plug orientation," said IDC research VP Shane Rau. "We’ve already seen a considerable increase over the past year when the connector began showing up on new products from major devices manufacturers. As demand increases, we expect more and more solutions to hit the market, such as the SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive.”

The SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C Flash Drive is the company’s first dedicated USB for Type-C ready devices. The new drive complements the company’s suite of USB Type-C flash memory solutions which range from dual USB drives to portable SSDs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Samsung announced Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Electronics announced the newest additions to the Galaxy family of products, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Created for today’s consumer lifestyle, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge lead the industry with a refined design, more advanced camera, streamlined software functionality and unparalleled connectivity to a galaxy of products, services, and experiences.

Advanced Camera: High Quality Images No Matter the Time of Day or Location
Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge introduce the first Dual Pixel camera on a smartphone, delivering brighter and sharper images, even in low light. Thanks to the revolutionary Dual Pixel technology, brighter lens with wider aperture, and bigger pixel, the camera has a faster shutter speed and a more accurate autofocus even in low-light conditions. Motion Panorama, a new camera mode, brings movement to traditional panoramic photos, giving the user a completely immersive visual experience.

Refined Design and Function
The 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 and 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 edge are constructed with 3D glass and metal – all in a sleek design with durability and ergonomic curves for a comfortable grip. From work to play, the device’s new Always-On Display, gives users a simplified, zero touch experience where they don’t need to worry about missing a call or important notification.

Without compromising design, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge both have increased utility with IP68 water and dust resistance. Edge UX, the advanced edge experience available on Galaxy S7 edge, provides convenience and increased efficiency by creating easy shortcuts to users’ most loved functions such as email, selfie mode, panorama mode or third party applications.

Enhanced Performance: From Charging to Gaming
Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge deliver fast wired and wireless charging technology. Additionally, the hybrid SIM card tray allows users to insert a microSD card for up to 200GB of additional storage and in some select countries, the tray can be used with a dual SIM card.

Samsung also made significant hardware and software updates to optimize gaming performance on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The powerful processer and bigger battery capacity ensure longer playing time, and the internal cooling system keeps the device from overheating. Game Launcher, a new add-on for gamers, allows users to manage battery consumption and minimize notifications. Additionally, users can record their gaming experience or share their screen to play with others. Paired with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Vulkan API gives users the ability to play high-performance graphic games with lower battery consumption.

Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will be available starting mid-March 2016.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Lenovo Upgrades Touch Screen Experience with WRITEit 2.0

Lenovo announced WRITEit 2.0 – a new, expanded, and redesigned application to unlock the potential of touch screen and pen-enabled devices. WRITEit 2.0 works with Lenovo Windows (8 and 10) touch screen devices, and users can pair it with a Lenovo digital pen for an even richer multimedia experience.
“We developed WRITEit 2.0 as a free software application to turn a Windows touch screen into a virtual canvas. With a pen or finger, users can easily write on, draw, highlight, doodle or mark anything on their screen; this includes: Word documents, photos, presentations, web pages, and more.  Users can even create a blank canvas to write or draw and express their creativity. WRITEit 2.0 lets users save their creations as an image and then quickly send it and share it with others.”
The application tools include twelve pen colors in three widths and four highlighter colors along with an eraser. WRITEit 2.0 also has a virtual canvas layer that allows users to freely annotate using their digitizer pen or their finger.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hitachi Data Systems Releases its Most Secure Enterprise File Sync, Share and Collaboration Solution To Date

Hitachi Data Systems announced version 2.1 of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Anywhere that allows service providers and IT organizations to quickly and easily deliver the most secure content mobility solution offered by HDS to their users under their own brand. These new capabilities for file sync, folder sharing and end-user data protection will be on display next week at Mobile World Congress in the Hitachi booth in Hall 6, Stand 6G21. HCP Anywhere v.2.1 brings new features that allow external parties to upload data to shared HCP Anywhere folders, enhance team folders, and evolve beyond file sync and share with new data protection tools for end-user files. This new release also includes enhancements that further improve the security, ease of use, and intelligence of underlying storage and network resources.
Today, workers – the producers and consumers of corporate information – are increasingly mobile and carry multiple devices. Balancing the information access and usability needs of these users with the need for the enterprise to ensure corporate information is protected and secure has resulted in a needs gap between producers and consumers.
Whether a business is regulated internally or by an outside organization, there are growing requirements for businesses to be sure their organizational information is visible, under control and secure, regardless of location or device. HCP Anywhere directly addresses these requirements.
With HCP Anywhere, service providers and private IT organizations can deliver next-generation file services for their users without compromising business expectations or the conveniences of the mobile workforce. With the most recent release of HCP Anywhere, organizations and service providers gain new features such as data protection and self-service recovery of users’ files and folders, secure external data sharing, collaborative workspaces, full auditability, and better content control.
HCP Anywhere is a well-integrated, tested, and supported solution that lets organizations easily deliver extensible cloud storage solutions under their own brand to improve user adoption. IT service providers, both public and private, can now offer their users these advanced file services without having to develop them themselves.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zebronics introduces Bluetooth 2.1 Speakers, Rock N Roll

Zebronics, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and Surveillance products winds up on yet another exciting year for electronics, with its latest product on the speaker line 2.1 Bluetooth ‘Rock N Roll’ Speakers which is ready to break lot of rules and sound less like a box speaker – After all its all about Great Looks, Great Sound to ‘Rock N Roll’ without putting a dent in your Wallet!
The speaker’s handsome curves exude nothing but sleek elegance with strong physical presence that demands respect, flaunting a heavy-duty attitude with high glossy front panels, scoring high in the looks department.
A surround sound system designed for those looking for that edge in a compact space, the sub-woofer comes with 7.6cms low range driver and the satellite speakers are powered by 6.3cms mid/high range drivers for high performance sound quality. With 16watts RMS of power the speakers promise and deliver crisp, clear and powerful sound that will surely leave any listener entranced.
If you love watching movies and videos or listening music on your PC or multimedia devices, then the Zebronics 2.1 multimedia speakers are ideal for you as they can be easily connected with them in no time with Bluetooth. The Speaker also allows you to play through your USB device or SD card through a USB Reader that support MP3/WMA dual formats decoding. In addition, it also supports FM tuner allowing you to play your favourite radio channels so that you can enjoy radio talk shows, music as well as latest news.
With super-tight bass, uninhibited dynamic punch, superlative midrange tone, and pure treble, the latest at Zebronics is a strong contender on a number of fronts!
The Rock N Roll speakers are designed to deliver impressive sound while consuming as little energy as possible! Though its small enough to fit in an apartment, do you have floors strong enough to support the great sound?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Quantum Hi Tech launches its Noise cancelling QHM 880 Headphones

QHMPL brings in yet another addition – a refined semi classical design to its range of headphones with ‘QHM 880′ on the head audio gears which are comfortable to wear for hours at a time.
QHM 880 provides a comfortable fit to the user as one listens to the soul stirring music. The adjustable inner headband brings relaxing experience. Not to forget, the soft touch ear pads which adds to the unruffled experience?
A perfect combination of sound and style QHM 880 promises an unmatched listening experience. The core competence of this exceptional product is its sound – and it’s no less than crystal clear. The enchanting experience between your ears is possible thanks to its fine woven fabric that controls sound leakage. Making sure the rhythms are pure and unadulterated, its patented acoustic chamber design offers fine listening experience. The low frequency sounds are well recognizable from mid and high frequency sounds which results in a fuller, thicker and complete audio experience.
Offering an excellent sound clarity, the newly launched headphone comes in two different models: One with Single Pin backed with 3.5mm jack and is packed with extra convertor, thus making it a compatible device for all the audiophiles who love listening to their favorite beats on their mobile phones, MP3 Players and Tablets. Whereas, the second model is equipped with double pin jacks and is aided with inbuilt mic, thus allowing one to make voice calls effortlessly. Positioned at an optimum distance to pick up voice clearly, the mic enables you to speak hands free during your Skype calls. Enhancing your audio experience even more while listening to music, one can rotate the mic to boom up the sound or out of the way to mute, thus making it a perfect companion for laptops and desktops.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Manzana Launches Uber Music Accessories on Valentine Day

Manzana announced the launch of a range of high quality audio and music accessories such as speakers and headphones specially targeted at the Valentine Day gifting for the tech savvy mobile generation. Manzana is launching new audio range Blu Megatone (Bluetooth speaker), Stormer (2.1 Multimedia speaker), Blu Tuney (2.1 Bluetooth speaker) & Hang On (Headphone).
Manzana products have been in the consistent pursuit of innovation and score high on quality and their appeal in gifting to loved ones. Manzana products will be available in almost all the major cities of East, North and Western regions by first week of November.
Gopal Pansari, Director at Manzana said, “We are very delighted to add three new products to Manzana. All three speakers – Stormer, Blu Megatone, Blu Tuney – and an on-ear Hang on Noise Isolation Headphone are spectacular products with premium design at competitive prices. We have positioned these products at the young generation and are confident that Manzana will impress everyone with its cool quotient.”

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Zebronics launches Gaming Cabinet, H2

Zebronics announces the availability of its Gaming cabinet ‘H2′ which not only adds character and attitude to your rig but also muscles professional gaming & high end graphics. Ensuring ‘extensive cooling advantages’, aesthetically appealing design and expandability; these gaming cabinets is exclusively designed to meet the needs of gamers and enthusiasts across the country, at budgeted price.
Engineered with Modern features and the signature Zebronics asymmetrical design H2 flaunts an elegant design with aggressive Looks. It sports a rugged build quality with sturdy structure & glossy armor inspired front Panel & black Interiors with room for serious cooling /with full mesh on front panel and top cover for high-end cooling, besides the side panels which can be opened by Thumb screws. It also adopts a fully new structure accessible with virtually tool-free operation. With the balance of classy look and useful provisions H2 is also light weight, you can carry it easily to your lan parties.
To disperse the accumulation of heat generated by the system; H2 comes with Dual 80mm side fans with back grill and provision for optional fan on rear panel, for superior cooling airflow. Utilizing seven expansion slots these cabinets are compatible with most of the GPUs available in the market, it could easily absorb upto ATX motherboards. It also provides ample space to install the motherboard and also two 3.5″ Devices HDD and one 5.25″ Device ODD storage devices. The H2 also comes with Audio, 3 x USB 2.0 & 1 x USB 3.0 ports located on the top of the front panel for easy access.
Simple design and uncompromising cooling performance H2 shall be the popular choice for many DIY enthusiasts and gamers. The product is already available with leading retail stores across India.
Extending its gaming portfolio, Zebronics has introduced a wide range of gaming products including Alien – a sturdy Gaming Mouse, Radiant – a thriller Keyboard and Metal Head Headphones for the gaming enthusiasts. With the several award winning headphones namely Iron Head and more. Zebronics caters to passionate gamers across multiple platforms and aims to launch high end gaming products for the Gamers across the country.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rashi Toshiba Partners embark upon a trip of a life time

Toshiba sponsored an all-expense covered four day three nights Singapore Cruise. As a part of an incentive program for their achieving partners; under the arrangement, which was a part of the Company’s ongoing efforts to acknowledge partner’s efforts put in, they would be to be awarded with a special trip in accordance to their performance. The partners who achieved their pre- set targets for External Hard drives and surveillance drives were rewarded with a trip, over 80 partners across the country embarked upon the trip of a lifetime.
Rashi and Toshiba wanted their Partners to go on board a Royal voyage, all aboard the Superstar Gemini; known to be the princess of sea, was furnished with all the luxuries one could ask for. The vessel sailed from Singapore and stopped at the beautiful Malaysian port of Penang and the archipelago islands of Langkawi.
“The cruise was nothing short of royalty, No stone was left unturned, from the exquisite stay to the, to the scrumptious fine dining experience the trip was indeed a lifetime opportunity, and has motivated me to outperform in the coming years to reserve my spot,” Said Andiammal- Easy Technologies, Madurai
The partners boarded the cruise from Singapore and made port at Penang, a city of the setting sun. A fascinating fusion of the East and West, Penang embraces modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm, had the partners in awe. The next stop of Langkawi, known for its scenic beauty; white sand beaches, has forever imprinted its scenic beauty in the hearts of the partners.
An overwhelmed Deepak Sethwala of Oversees Corporation, Surat had this to add “Fantastic Experience, from excellent arrangements to the accommodation to the ticket booking, everything was well managed.”

Monday, February 8, 2016

ASUS announced ROG Swift PG348Q 34-inch Ultra-Wide curved monitor

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced ROG Swift PG348Q, a 34-inch Ultra-Wide QHD (3440 x 1440) curved monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio for panoramic gaming. The 2016 CES Innovation Award-winning Swift PG348Q has a frameless design, and features the new ROG Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper color scheme and built-in LED effects. In addition, Swift PG348Q features a 100Hz fresh rate andNVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology to give users incredibly smooth and fast gameplay.
Swift PG348Q will be available from February, and joins the 27-inch ROG Swift displays (PG278Q, PG279Q, and PG27AQ)to diversify the ROG gaming monitorline-up as ASUS looks to strengthen itsposition as a worldwide leader in the high-end gaming monitor market.

ROG Swift PG348Q is a 34-inch gaming monitor with an Ultra-Wide QHD (3440 x 1440) panel that gives users highly detailed visuals and more onscreen space than WQHD monitors. Its ultra-wide 21:9 aspect curved display provides an immersive panoramic gaming experience.The panel curvature of the display ensures every pointis equidistant to the user’s eyes to ensure a comfortable viewing experience during marathon gaming sessions.

Swift PG348Q takes gaming aesthetics to a new level, and recently won the 2016 CES Innovation Award. It has a frameless design,sports the new ROG Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper color scheme, and features ROG light effects built-into its stand add ambience to gaming set-ups.

Swift PG348Q features NVIDIAG-SYNC technology to eliminate screen tearing, minimize stuttering, and reduce input lag; it also has a Turbo key to overclock the refresh rate up to 100Hz for incredibly-smooth gaming gameplay.ASUS-exclusive GamePlus and GameVisual technologies to enhance the gaming experience.

Swift PG348Q has an ergonomicallydesigned stand with full tilt, swivel, and height adjustment so gamers can find their preferred viewing position.ROG Swift PG348Q comes with theTÜV Rheinland-certified ASUS Ultra-low Blue Light filters and Flicker-Free technologiesto minimize eyestrain and protect users from harmful blue light.

Gaming monitor market leader

ASUS gaming monitors are at the forefront of display technology and ROG Swift PG348Qjoins the 27-inch ROG Swift displays (PG278Q, PG279Q, and PG27AQ) to diversify the ROG gaming monitor line-up. These displays provide cinematic visuals and exceptional refresh rates to suit the needs of different types of gamers.