What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Monday, May 4, 2015

Boat launches a limited edition of stylish portable Power Banks

Family of Power Banks
Boat forays into the Powerhouse market by unveiling a limited edition series of stylish and fashion forward portable power banks. After the successful launch of Bluetooth speakers, Boat has unveiled its limited edition of portable power banks –  BPR 88, BPR 100, BPR 112 and BPR 25M.  The series of power banks are distinctive from any other power bank in the market currently, with a bold design sensibility as well as vibrant colours, which match across a wide spectrum of moods and moments. While being high on style, the limited edition Boat Power banks are also perfect for life on the go. Dual USB ports enable two electronic devices to be connected and charged simultaneously, with plenty of charge for smartphones, tablets, and more.
Commenting on the launch of a series of power banks, Mr. Aman Gupta, Director, Imagine Marketing said, “BOAT is a creative brand high on fashion, innovation and technology, and creates products that fit seamlessly into a lifestyle on the move all the time. With the launch of a series of these power banks, we step into another segment of lifestyle technology accessories. The power banks will be trend-setters because of their colors and fashionable designs and will certainly match GenX’s preferences and style.”
The unique features of the power banks include vibrant and deep colours from red to pink, blue and black, an LED display and weight which make it easy to carry/tote. The sleek lines, gentle curves, and an emphasis on minimalism makes these super stylish and trendy power banks a smart accessory as well.
Available in colors: Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow

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