What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

PNY Ready to Impress visitors at Computex 2015

PNY Announce its participation in the grand Computex Taipei 2015.  PNY promises to enthral its visitors with its special selection of Type-C USB flash drives, upgraded SSDs, and brand new OTG drives to be displayed at the exhibition. The Computex 2015 is the largest ICT trade show in Asia and the second largest in the world. Major international IT brands participate to showcase their latest gadgets and products. The event
attracts over 130,000 visitors, including 38,000 international visitors every year. Marking its 35th edition in 2015, the Computex Taipei expo will be held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from June 2nd to June 6th, 2015. The grand event will feature 1,700+ exhibitors participating in the world’s second largest computer exhibition with over 5,000+ booths for visitors to interact and enjoy the exciting and creative displays.
PNY will debut its new line of upgraded SSD drives, OTG flash drives and will reveal a new product for the exhibition-the Type-C pen drive-UC101.
PNY has selected a special range of products as;
Type-C pen drive-UC101- The UC101 is a Type-C USB 3.0 powered flash drive that offers SuperSpeed+ performance to transfer of files and documents. Type-C is enhanced with its reversible plug, to make users plug into USB ports with either side which is time-saving. Shaped like a pen, the drive is light and compact and can be carried around with its clip on cap that can be attached to shirt pockets or folders.
PNY will also reveal their special range of OTGs, like the OU5/OU6. The OU6 features USB 3.0 and stores up to 64 GB of memory space with its gorgeous golden metallic ring-shaped housing. Both the OTG drives support Android OS 4.0 or later. The thumb-sized OU5 OTG drive features a swivel cap design that protects files from dust and scratches. They connect to your Android mobile device via the built-in micro-USB connector to quickly and easily transfer files. The standard USB connector on the other side of the flash drive plugs directly into the USB port on any USB 2.0 PC or laptop.
PNY has produced an impressive line-up of SSDs, models CS1111/CS2111/CL4111. These next generation drives are targeted for gaming platforms and PC enthusiasts or for personal computer uses. The CS2111 features 2.5-inch SATA (6 Gb/s) with up to 960 GB memory, and exceptional performance offering up to 560MB/s seq. read, 455MB/s seq. write speeds, and up to 71,000 IOPS Random Read. The CL4111 SSD is your best choice for easy deployment and secure manageability in client IT environments helping to lower total cost of ownership. The CS1111 is an entry-level SSD designed for an easy and cost-effective HDD replacement in the existing PC system to help realize faster boot times, quicker application launches and better overall system storage.
PNY Hook Attaché - The enormous 128 GB capacity makes it simple to transport all of your digital stuff. Available in capacities up to 128GB, students with loads of assignments and study materials required can store all their files and may never have to worry about running out of memory space. The PNY Hook Attaché has a high-quality silver finish with a sleek streamlined appearance.

PNY Technologies will showcase their highlighted products in their special Provence themed booth designed to display their creativity and aesthetic design to the attendees. The Provence theme is inspired from the peaceful and tranquil streets of Europe and will feature structures resembling cottage houses and small inns.
Visitors can visit Booth#-J0210 at Nangang Exhibition Hall 1F to view the latest products and also experience the beauty and quaint atmosphere of the booth.

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