What's hHappening in India........

What's happening in India.............

Thursday, April 28, 2016

GIGABYTE BRIX Takes Center Stage In The Indian Mini-PC Market

GIGAThere is a growing buzz around the compact DIY (Do it Yourself) barebone or mini-PC in India, which is fast gaining momentum, especially in the major cities. And at the centre of this buzz, emanating mostly from its large base of corporate users, is the GIGABYTE BRIX, GIGABYTE’s ultra-compact and versatile barebone PC kit.
 While individual home users, who are cost-conscious, are increasingly finding it worth a try, it’s the institutional users that are making notable impressions in the mini-PC market. The GIGABYTE BRIX is finding growing usage from institutional customers in a variety of roles including, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, departmental stores, and even shopping malls.
 Among these user segments, the interest and demand is the highest from banks and other financial services organisations.
“Financial services organisations have been traditionally using a large number of PC hardware and peripherals for managing a massive amount of data round the clock,” said Himanshu Jogatar of Mumbai-based Sybex Marketing, a major GIGABYTE Premium Partner. “This requires substantial office space for installing desktops, resulting in huge expenditure for their installation and maintenance. These clients are nowadays seeking easier-to-manage options like the GIGABYTE BRIX, which also results in huge savings in space and office expenditure.”
Even in non-metro cities, there’s an emerging awareness about the mini-PC concept among institutional users. For example in Kanpur, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, mini-PCs are being sought by
several educational institutions, stated Ravi Pandey of Kanpur-based Sun Corporation, an IT hardware reseller.
 “The education sector is always on the quest for saving power, space and IT expenditure, and products like GIGABYTE BRIX come across as a practical option,” he said.
 In a small business, profit margins can be tight and all spending needs to be carefully accounted for. For these smaller firms, the GIGABYTE BRIX proves its value for company savings with its low ASP.
 “The user segments going for GIGABYTE BRIX also include small offices that can make significant savings on manpower by installing the product in their premises,” said Sandeep Jain of Mek Peripherals, a Mumbai-based GIGABYTE Premium Partner.
 Even IT hardware resellers are finding GIGABYTE BRIX to be a cost-effective option for their work places. Like Mumbai-based Shri Sai Enterprise, which has been using an Intel Core i7 processor based model for almost a year, to take care of its office information management requirements?

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